Friday, June 26, 2009

Zo* new best friend.

Just called Target. INSURANCE APPROVED IT!!! Only $6 for me! The pills run $47 A PIECE! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

I also need to apologize to some people that missed the big announcement on facebook...So Sorry to Julie and LARAE! It was not on purpose I just think that everybody sees that and knew. Love you both!

Already at 6 weeks my pants won't zip and I look like I've been eating too many doughnuts. My dad and sister are threatening twins, but just to let you all know this is normal for me and I just pop out really fast. I blame it all on my mother because I have absolutely no torso!

So this pregnancy has been brutal. Only a couple weeks in and I am way sicker than I was with the first two, yuck! My doctor called in Zophr*an today and I am dreading picking it up at Tar*get. You see my insurance doesn't want to pay for it. They would rather I go into the hospital apparently than give me the meds that will keep me eating and dehydrated. UGH! I am praying that I will show up and pay my $8 copay and go on with feeling better. The two samples I have had so far have worked wonders! I am even able to blog today because of it. Woohoo!

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