Saturday, June 18, 2016

It's SUMMER-2016!

My poor old laptop has struggled to do just about anything, but my honey cleared off the whole and now it's actually letting me blog.

So the kiddos are all a year older. They are now 3, 6, 9, and 11. We've entered a new stage of life with no longer having a baby and as much as I loved and miss that time, I am absolutely loving this new stage too. Avery is starting to babysit a little bit which leaves time for me to run a quick errand while Lorelai's napping.

So the following is just a weekly update post on what we have been up to the last two weeks.

Reece had two baby teeth removed and was a champ! Those numbing shots are rough. But I was really proud of him. He also decided to let his hair grow longer and is "styling" it himself. 
 The bigs are on swim team for the first time this year and so that means the littles get a few mornings a week for free swim.

Avery and Reece had their first swim meet and they were awesome. Reece even placed third in an event. For barely swimming a month ago, these two are learning all the swim strokes and swimming up to four times the pool. So very proud of them!
The little girls were feeling a little left out with all of the swim meet happenings so we had a Mommy and Me date to the bakery for cookies and some fun at the toy store. We spent time in the morning braiding their hair and putting on pretty dresses and after we dropped the big kids at the pool we were off for some fun.
Shane had been traveling a lot so last week when he got home we left this for him in the drive way. And then we pummeled him with water balloons as soon as he got home. It was so much fun. And he had a blast. After he was good and soaked we spent the afternoon at home depot buying materials for our media wall cabinets. Super exciting!
The ammunition. I highly recommend buying one of those gadgets that fills up 50 balloons at once. We filled our wagons and buckets up in about three minutes and no tying off balloons either!

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