Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Miss Ellie...

She is four months old later this week. Can't believe it. It's going too fast. Faster than with the first two. Sometimes I just sit down in the chair and hold her really close and force myself to try to remember this moment for the future when she won't be this little any more. She is such a good baby.
She's got deep blue eyes like Avery and I and still a head of dark hair. At first I was hoping it would turn blonde because I didn't want her to feel left out, but now I am hoping it stays. God only knows what it will be, but she is so beautiful it won't matter what color it is.

She's starting to grab at toys and roll to her side. She looks just like Avery did when she was a baby. She still smells so good that I love to nuzzle her neck and just smell her...sounds weird I know.

Here she is at the Bradford's farm where she just chilled and slept the whole time while we ate, gathered eggs, and learned about this years garden.

She's loving to snuggle now. I found this little soft doll and Walmart and she loves to cuddle it and "kiss" it.

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