Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I am trying a new budget thing. Where I enter things on Excel and see the numbers going up and down. Keeping receipts, entering totals, paying bills online...I've decided the whole thing is impossible. It doesn't ever match up and I've been more stressed out about it than ever before. I am hoping this is just an adjustment period and that soon it is all going to start working out and I can be calmer about it. Do these things always get worse before they get better? It's going to be a lean Christmas this year...ha!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A lot accomplished

Yesterday I was having tons of braxton hicks and they really wore me out, so I pretty much did nothing, but knit, two loads, of laundry, dinner, and take care of the kids. (that's sarcastic.) Even "nothing" still seems like a lot. Anyway, today I still wasn't feeling that great, but decided that since both kids were in school I needed to get some things done.

In three hours:

Groceries: a bunch of delicious organic food that I am finally excited to cook
Target- few snacks, Halloween stuff for kids party, Tinker Bell movie (don't tell Ave-for Xmas), etc...
Mall- Clinique to get my moisturizer. 34 dollars!!! Holy Cow. Mom gave me two samples and I am addicted, so there went my blow money
BedBathandBeyond- two Yankee Candles, can't go without my Cranberry Chutney, the Be Thankful smells pretty tasty too ( do you think the candles can fall into the grocery budget column since they have food names? I'm thinking so. ha!)
Panera- egg and cheese sandwich, being preggo I gots to eat!
TJMaxx-- big blue bowl for jewelry (pic coming), couple xmas gifts, two sweaters and jeans for Ave

Whew! Can't believe how much I can get done in less than three hours! I only saved 12.50 with my Kroger card today, but still came under budget at $195! ((((That's all organic people! Minus the Krispy Kreme doughnuts. It seems I have to have one junk food item in the cart. And wasn't it great when the kid threw the gallon of milk on top of them in the cart?AH! )))) Last time I saved over 45 dollars, so my expectations were a little high.

I just couln't belive that in a few months I would be doing all of this with a newborn again. I'm excited. It's fun out on my own, but I miss my kiddos!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Recent trip to thrift store:

I thought this picture of the little girl and boy standing in the rain was so cute hanging with the kids backpacks.
After a coat of red paint and then dark brown stain. Not totally sure what to put on it or hang around it.

Before pic. UGLY! I'm guessing it is really for outside. It is a pretty heavy metal piece. I even hung an anchor in the wall for the first time!
I was a little nervous about these candlesticks. But they washed up really nicely and I decided to not paint them and just put candles in them that I had in my drawer already.

Here's the bag I made for Avery for the pumpkin patch. Still working on her skirt. I was pretty proud of myself on the handles. Not having a pattern I was trying to get a more professional look and finally figured out how to do it.

The little glass vase was .35 and is on the bottom left. I had nothing for this cabinet when we bought it in the spring and thanks to all the garage sales and thriftstores I've just about filled it up!

These prints were at a flea market in town for $2.00 total!
I realized the little lamp shade fit perfectly on top of the candle holder and then I put a battery candle in it so it wouldn't burn.

This shelf has had nothing on it for months. Just a thick layer of dust since it's above my eyesight and I always forget about it. The picture frame was $3, the candlesticks were .65 a piece and the basket was .35.
Here's all the goods before... I got all of this at Goo*dwill for $22 !!!

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Name Explanation

This is the second time I am writing this so hopefully it doesn't get erased again.

So being an English major and former teacher, coming up with names is not the easiest thing. I put these ridiculous stipulations on myself and it's a wonder that any of our kids have names. For instance, the name had to have five letters, have a long e sound, British or celtic descent, have a religous meaning, could not be in the top 100 on any list, and sound cute with Avery and Reece. Isn't that completely ridiculous? I know. But I couldn't shake the requirements. The four of us have all of these stipulations in our names- except one- so I have connected all 4 of our names together using this list. I should get a Nobel prize for that. Anyway, every element of her name is purposed. I am a strong believer in the power of naming your child. Think I am crazy? Read the bible.

So on nameberry there is a list for cool, but not as popular names and ELLIE just screamed off the page when I saw it. It fit EVERY requirement. And most importantly Shane really liked it too. His suggestions have been LaFonda and Earl. You can see who was having more fun making fun of names than actually coming up with good suggestions.

After searching countless name lists and baby sites here is what I came up with:

Ellie means: bright shining one
Grace: a virtue

Avery means: nobility
Elizabeth: consecrated to God

Christopher: Christ bearer
Reece: enthusiasm or running, seems to be both

Megan: Pearl or strong or able
Elizabeth: Consecrated to God

Christopher:Christ bearer
Shane: God is Gracious

Pretty cool huh? I can tell you that so far the four of us have lived up to and completely emulate the meanings behind our names. So there it is...after all that.. Ellie Grace Carver.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Her name....

Ellie Grace Carver

I had typed out a huge explanation as to why, but then blogger decided to have an error and eras it all. Nice.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Socktoberfest--Mystery Sock

Through The Loops -- Host Blog with directions

My sister Mandy started me on this after she found it on Ravelry. Every Thursday the host is going to add another set of directions so that you don't know exactly what you are knitting until the next set of directions. Thought it might be fun and motivational to keep me on track!

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Monday, October 5, 2009

What I've been up to...

Meeting Plumb at the Mops Convention. Kate, Plumb, Me, Rebecca.
A sweater I am making for baby girl. This is just around the collar and then you knit the rest in one piece. I'm hoping it will be tiny enough for her to wear right away.

Forgot to turn the orange lights on. Still waiting for Michaels to finish framing my wedding photo to put above the piano! Urgh.

Pumpkins from Leaping Waters farm. And the little pumpkins are from Mimi's house. This is just the top of my fridge. Just a glimpse at some of the fall decorations finally going up around the house. Can't wait to finish the front porch.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall is here...

Even though I didn't feel good the other day (just a cold, no more nausea, whoohoo!), I couldn't resist hauling out the autumn decorations. Thankfully Mom downsized her collection so that we girls could have some things. I loved pulling it out this year. Now that the walls are painted and furniture is finally set in place, playing around with all the knick-knacks (Shane is anti-knickknack by the way) was way more fun. The kiddos put their pumpkin Jack out on the front porch, THANKS MIMI!, and I got out my carrot cake yankee candle. It smells like fall and it is so fun to pull it out from the cabinet again. It makes me want to make Leslie's carrot cake recipe, which is seriously the best. I didn't like carrot cake before that cake. YUM! Is it from Southern Living Les? I have yet to take pictures of any of this, but hopefully this coke I am drinking will give me a little more energy. I slept Reece's ENTIRE nap yesterday, that's three hours for those of you that don't know! I didn't get anything accomplished. But Mom always said rest is the best medicine. She also always took us shopping when we stayed home sick from school. I think she should come down here right now and take me to TJ MAXX! ha ha ha!

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