Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter 2013 and Avery's 8th birthday

Woke up Sunday morning ready to dive in. Please excuse the mess! Still working on this remodel.

Pretty Ellie. Those eyes are dangerous!

Handsome Reece who sported his tie with pride. Especially after seeing his best friend wearing one.

Pretty Avery the birthday girl. And who is that handsome man standing there?
Loved that our church had a family worship hour before "big" church this year. We heard the gospel, worshipped together, made "stained" glass crosses, and fellowshipped with other families.

And the inevitable shot that you attempt to get with all three kids. Only to get one child to cooperate.

Avery coloring in her cross picture.
Daddy and Ellie making their cross.

Reece finished!

This was an action shot of the girls twirling in their pretty dresses.

And then off to celebrate the birthday girl. Really is she 8 already?
We had an amazing time celebrating with Shane's brother's family. Is it just me or do Reece and Caroline look alike in this picture? Which is something I have never noticed before. But both kids are replicas of their dads and since their dads are brothers I guess this is possible.

It was a really busy day that was just completely awesome. Great fellowship at church and fun with family. So incredibly thankful for it.

*And if you are wondering why there are no pictures of me, well, lets just say that this pregnancy has not been kind to me. I will show up again when Lorelai does! ha!