Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A little complaining and explaining...

So I am sure you have noticed that there haven't been many blogs from me lately. Well, quite frankly I have had some major allergy issues and have doing the bare minimum. For almost two months I have had a continuous sinus headache and it finally got so bad that I am now on 4 prescription meds to try and get some relief. As you know, I'm not crazy about using prescriptions continuously, but it got to the point that I was wheezing and couldn't breath iwth a headache, itchy nose and eyes, etc. etc. etc. Are you still reading? Can't believe you are, but good news. I am feeling better today. Yes today is the first day in 8 weeks that I haven't gone through the day wishing I could stay in bed. It has been a little depressing, but the sun is out and the meds are kicking in and I am getting EIGHT loads of laundry done. Keep in mind that I have the LARGEST capacity washing machine we could find at the appliance store. That is A LOT of laundry.
I even got a little crazy and cleaned out the bottom of my closet and reOrganized my purse hangers. I made homemade popcorn, cut up strawberries, checked out some sewing blogs, and cleaned up the toys in the living room. Honestly, I am exhausted. But at least I got something accomplished today.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

A place to eat

After going to Roanoke on Friday to pick up our first CraigsList purchase, we have a place to eat comfortably as a family. I got the chairpads recovered and the rug rotated. We had to pull the table out from under the window so I am not too sure where that is going to go. I also pulled the dying palm tree down from my bedroom. Just not enough direct sunlight up there. Now it has a new home and will hopefully start growing again. Like my dollar store candle holders? I forgot to take a picture of the hutch. It ended up in the "dining" room because we don't really have walls in the ktichen as it is so open and lots of doors. It looks really pretty and I finally brought all all of the pretty serving pieces that we have received. Hardly used them because they were always packed away. Now the cabinet is half empty with room to grow! Next time I will have pictures with us sitting there. I still have to scotchguard the cushions so I am a little crazy about the kids eating there right now. Hence the highchair still for Reece!

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

We finally did it...

We found a table, with 6 chairs AND a hutch on Craigs List. Two years after looking, searching, and using the Snyder's 1970's olive green card table (although it was a blessing!), we bought a dining set. It has two leaves which was important to me as this is our only dining area. And the hutch has open and hidden storage. We are picking it up on Friday and will post pictures when it is all done. This may induce a total redecoration extravaganza on my part, but I can't wait. I even have had fabric WAITING to be used for this kitchen. Yeah! My three criteria for the set was that I wanted 6 chairs, round, with two leaves, padded chairs, and a matching hutch. The absolute bonus in all of this is that it is a perfect match to our kitchen cabinets. I was so excited to see this in person and to see that. I'm a nerd I know. Now I have to wait 5 days until we can go pick it up and hope to get the kitchen curtains made and scour the house for the perfect centerpiece.

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