Friday, February 17, 2012

epic fail

yesterday was one of those rare days that was an epic fail in motherhood. from a teething two year old, a grumpy little boy, and an emotional 6 yr old....ugh! i spent three hours making mashed potatoes, mushroom wine sauce and marinating chicken, but the entire time the older two were fighting and ellie was crying...THEWHOLETIME!

By the time Shane got home my nerves were shot and I was on the brink of an extreme meltdown. It was borderline panic attack. You know when your heart won't start racing and your hands are shaking? Yep that was me. So w twenty minutes before our homegroup was suppose to arrive I took Ellie upstairs, turned off the lights, played the lullaby CD, and rocked her. Oh and I had a good cry too. I forced myself to pray for her: her teeth, her future, good sleep. Anything I could think of to take the focus off of the bad.

Although I looked a hot mess, I was able to put her to bed (at 6:15!), go downstairs, and enjoy the evening with friends. It ended up a night of encouragement, despite the runny mascara and red eyes!

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Knitting in the not so cold Winter

This is one of the two hundred pictures that Avery took with my camera. I won't post the 30 pictures of an Ariel doll with nappy hair that are on there too! This was one of the actual cold days we have had this winter. It's been pretty warm. So we did school in the living room under lots of blankets!

 I have turned this 31 bag into bag that is all knitting. It has turned into the bag of projects for other people.
 A brown scarf for Shane, pink/grey legwarmers for Avery's ballet, Navy cowl for Judy.
 This scarf has been worked on for two years. It keeps getting pushed aside for other things. I will most likely get it done just in time for July, ha!

 Ellie kept stealing my pattern cards so I found some clips and locked them on. Nerdy or genius? Maybe both?
 This is the bag of projects for me that get started and never finished! And yes those legos are a permanent fixture around here.
 My sis bought me this yarn. It is so close to being done.
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

My baby turned two....

and can now get out of her crib. This happened way too soon for my liking. Reece was closer to three and Avery never got out of her crib. She's only 22 lbs by the way. Very small. How is she accomplishing this? I have no idea! I keep putting her in there and watch for awhile to see how she does it, but she won't do it in front of me. So I am not sure how to proceed. She's still taking naps and sleeping all night. She only gets out when she wakes up and Avery isn't in there too. I should probably switch her to a big girl bed, but my fear is she will stop napping. And that would be horrible. Since that is three glorious hours of toddler free homeschooling in our house!

Sisters. They are totally opposites, but best friends. I love how much Avery looks out for her and takes care of her. And Ellie is always asking Sissy for help. (Reece takes care of Ellie too. Didn't want to leave my buddy out.)
 Pajamas, princess shoes, and a calculator. Yep this all goes well together.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ellie is TWO!

We had a rainbow party because when I was pregnant we asked Avery what she wanted to name her sister and she said RAINBOW! I had huge plans and a ton of stuff pinned on pinterest, but we eventually opted for a simple family party at home. It was perfect!
 My friend Hannah made this awesome tutu for her.
 Her hair looks so long and blonde in this picture. She loved her macaroni and cheese.
 It was so great to all be together.
 Those eyes!
 Blowing out the candles.
 Barely ate any.
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