Friday, February 17, 2012

epic fail

yesterday was one of those rare days that was an epic fail in motherhood. from a teething two year old, a grumpy little boy, and an emotional 6 yr old....ugh! i spent three hours making mashed potatoes, mushroom wine sauce and marinating chicken, but the entire time the older two were fighting and ellie was crying...THEWHOLETIME!

By the time Shane got home my nerves were shot and I was on the brink of an extreme meltdown. It was borderline panic attack. You know when your heart won't start racing and your hands are shaking? Yep that was me. So w twenty minutes before our homegroup was suppose to arrive I took Ellie upstairs, turned off the lights, played the lullaby CD, and rocked her. Oh and I had a good cry too. I forced myself to pray for her: her teeth, her future, good sleep. Anything I could think of to take the focus off of the bad.

Although I looked a hot mess, I was able to put her to bed (at 6:15!), go downstairs, and enjoy the evening with friends. It ended up a night of encouragement, despite the runny mascara and red eyes!

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Lindsay Rich said...

awesome post Megan! I feel like that alot!

julie said...

GIRL!! We all have them - and it sounds like you handled it perfectly!! <3

knitpic said...

I can remember plenty of times like that and look how well you still turned out!

Amanda Carver said...

Oh geez..yes..been there done that. A good cry always helps..oh and prayer too.