Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baby Names

So this time I am having a hard time coming up with girl names. Pretty much the names that have been on my list previously have been used by other friends or I just don't like them anymore. Of course if I am carrying a boy then there is no reason to even bother worrying about it, but I'm one of those weird OCD types that likes to walk into my ultrasound and know the name when I see it on the screen. So any ideas? And don't give me a name that you want to use for yourself. Remember on "Friends" when Rachel stole Monica's baby name? I may also be one of those weird types that can reference just about any instance to an episode of "Friends". The boy name that we are thinking about is Kenan William, and don't tell me if you hate it because I went through that when we named Avery, (uh -hum MOM). Kenan means little Kenneth after my dad and grandpa and William is after my other grandpa. We figured since Reece got all three names from Shane's side of the family we would give our next boy all names from my side. If you end up sending me a fabulous name that I just have to use, then I will make you one of my bible canvases. (8x10 you can pick the word and the verses in the background, shipping free.)

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fun with Dad

My boys having fun. Reece loves when Shane plays rough with him, because all day he hears Avery and I telling him to calm down! I just noticed that with his head shaved he looks bald on top. HA! Sorry babe!

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Catching Up

In the month of June we spent all but 5 days out traveling. It was a lot of fun. But I am excited to get back into a schedule and have some summer fun at home with the kiddos. Photos of the past month coming soon. Just need to upload them to the site.

The reason we were gone so much was so that Shane could have uninteruppted time to rip out the old floors and put in hardwood. I detest carpet and am so glad that we decided to get this done. It's close to being finished. There is a three foot span on the front wall and back of the first floor walls that need to be finished and then we can put the baseboards on. I, of course, will be excited to get all of the furniture out of the basement and back up on the first floor. It's hard to be motivated to clean when everything is a disaster so I am staying upstairs today in the office catching up on all the blogs that I haven't read for weeks.

I got my pens organized. I know you are probably rolling your eyes. But I am weird like that. I found this little organizer in ltdcommodities magazine at my mom's house. It is a wooden box that says faith hope and love and in it are three wire candle holders. I decided to stick it on top of my fridge and I have a section for permanent, felt tip and dry erase markers. A picture will be sure to follow. It's right above my calender and next to my "inbox" so it is very convienent if I have to label something for the kids, color code the calender, or let's face it, just look cute! I had bought five packs of pens at the dollar store that had really pretty prints on them and stuck them in my SWENSONS 75th Anniversary glass that I got from my last trip to Ohio. This is the best burger place in my opinion. I am craving one right now actually. This is on my desk in teh office and quite handy.

Well, you can see my life is all kinds of exciting!

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