Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Olympics/ World Georgraphy Unit Week 2

Here is week 2 for the curriculum. Hope you all are enjoying it. We are LOVING it! The kids are making flags faster than I can hang them. And tomorrow we are starting a book on figure skating and one on skiing.
                                          Day 1,         Day 2,               Day 3,                  Day 4

Children Just Like Me-      Canada,       Finland,            Hungary,              Poland

Operation World- pages:         193                337                  400                        689

A Life Like Mine- pages:       28-29          30-31                32-35                    36-39

Complete Flags of the World- 8-10        112-113              151                     116-117

Around the World Coloring-      5                24

****I only have four days this week because my kiddos start swim lessons and we needed a grace day. I did skip a couple of chapters in Children Just Like Me, so if you are needing a little more this week feel free to spend a little more time in the good old USA!

PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS! And I would LOVE to hear how the unit is working with your homeschool. And definitely leave ideas if you have added any fun activities!

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

EARLY morning and I went to the gym...

Well baby girl was awake at 5:30 today. That's A.M.!!! UGH. I am so not a morning person. But since I have been up for almost three hours and have already showered, dressed, put on make-up, ate breakfast, filled out my planner for the day, and finished my devotions I ended up with time to blog!

In other crazy news.... I joined a gym. And I actually went to it this time. SHOCKING I KNOW! I am not a gym person. When you are "blessed" like I am the gym is a dangerous place to be. I spend most of my time trying not to give myself black eyes and then don't get very much exercise in because I am so self-concious. But a trip to Di*ck*s Sporting Goods has hopefully eliminated or at least lessened that issue.

Oh wait did you catch that? Yeah, I went to the sporting goods store. And not to buy soccer cleats for my kids, FOR ME. Wow it was a whole new world there. Did you know you can buy a pair of black capri workout pants for SEVENTY dollars? Yeah, crazy. Thankfully everything was on sale.

 So I found the "support" section and they were buy one get one half off. SCORE! I also grabbed another zip up fleece from Columbia in purple because I got tired of looking at my black one EVERY SINGLE LIVE LONG DAY. (I hate winter) I found a Nike pullover that was pretty darn cute and even has little holes in the sleeves to put my thumb through. I have no idea why I need this, but I can't wait to use it. And the previous mentioned $70 Under Armor work out capris also made it into the cart but they ended up on sale for $45.

The big question is did I go to the gym...


Saturday morning at 7:30 my honey and I attended a spin class. And I didn't die. Or throw out my back. I couldn't sit right for a couple of days but it was actually a really good experience. Despite the pain of being on a really tiny bicycle seat after four kids, it was actually a great time.

Even though I had to get myself excited about this by buying new clothes and going with Shane for the first time. I think now that I can do this and actually enjoy it.

Thanks to the free childcare during the day I can even go in the mornings! The kiddos enjoyed the childcare room and all the new toys and Shane and I basically got a date in that week. SCORE for all.

SO here is to losing those last 15 pounds and fitting back into my Seven for all Mankind jeans.

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

2014 Olympics Homeschooling Curriculum WEEK ONE

So I have decided to take a break from our Sonlight American History curriculum and do a unit on the Olympics. I wanted to turn it into a unit that covers geography, basic Olympic history, and world missions. So I hit my favorite website -Amazon- and this is what I came up with:

This unit is about sitting around the table or on the floor with your kids and reading.  I do have an activity a day but nothing over the top. If you don't have any of these books and don't want to buy everything, I would order Operation World, Children Just Like Me, and The Complete Flags of the World. The rest of the books are extras for fun. There are no tests, no copywork, no question sheets. Just lots of pictures, activities, and reading together. If you do follow this unit I would love to hear from you. And feel free to add more crafts if you and your family enjoy that! Pinterest was where I found the bunting and Russian doll activities. Also Confessions of a Homeschooler has an awesome world geography unit if you are looking for something more in depth.

Children Just Like Me- using this book as the jumping off point for the whole unit

Operation World- this books ties in missions around the world

A Life Like Mine- my kids love reading about other kids so this was a no brainer

Complete Flags of the World- great book that explains a little bit about each flag and why they look the way they do

Flags Sticker Book- each country has two sets of stickers, large and small, we will use one set to place on the world maps provided and the other for their passports

The Winter Olympics for Children- a book for kindle

Around the World coloring book- just a few countries are listed, but my kids love to color

Passport- My kids will place a flag sticker on each page and record what they learn about that country

Garland Flag- a craft that will make a really cute bunting for the school room when done, you will need lots of scrap paper for this one, some string, and masking tape or clothes pins

Russian Doll Activity- will need felt, thread, and a needle for this craft

I also have an ice skating book and a skiing book and each child will study that sport and give an oral book report at the end of the Olympics.

If you bought the $1 flashcards from Target this year there was a pack of world flags, I am using these also just to hang on the chalkboard each day.

Ok here is for the first week:

Day one-  Children Just Like Me page 30
                Operation World page 705
                Make Russian Doll Activity
                Read 1 through Chapter 8 of The Winter Olympics for Kids (they are really short!)
                Bunting: Create Russian flag with scrapbook paper
                Find Russia in Sticker book and place
                Complete flags of the World pages 168-171

Day 2- Children Just Like Me Bolivia
            Operation World page 153
            Life Like Mine page 6-9
            Complete Flags of the World Pages 52-53
            Passport/sticker book
            Bunting Flag

Day 3- Children Just Like Me- Argentina
            Read page 109 in Operation World
            A Life Like Mine pages 10-13
           Complete Flags pages 54-55
            Around the World page 1
           Passport/sticker book
           Bunting Flag

Day 4- Children- Brazil
            Operation page 162
           Life pages 14-17
           Complete Flags pages 47-50
           Around the World page 4
           Passport/sticker book
           Bunting Flag

Day 5- Children- Mexico
           Operation- page 579
           A Life- 18-21
           Passport/Sticker book
           Complete Flags pages 20-21
           Around the World page 18
           Passport/ sticker book

Day 6 Children- USA
           Operation page 861
           A Life pages 22-27
           complete Flags 11-19
           Passport/ sticker book



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