Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Olympics/ World Georgraphy Unit Week 2

Here is week 2 for the curriculum. Hope you all are enjoying it. We are LOVING it! The kids are making flags faster than I can hang them. And tomorrow we are starting a book on figure skating and one on skiing.
                                          Day 1,         Day 2,               Day 3,                  Day 4

Children Just Like Me-      Canada,       Finland,            Hungary,              Poland

Operation World- pages:         193                337                  400                        689

A Life Like Mine- pages:       28-29          30-31                32-35                    36-39

Complete Flags of the World- 8-10        112-113              151                     116-117

Around the World Coloring-      5                24

****I only have four days this week because my kiddos start swim lessons and we needed a grace day. I did skip a couple of chapters in Children Just Like Me, so if you are needing a little more this week feel free to spend a little more time in the good old USA!

PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS! And I would LOVE to hear how the unit is working with your homeschool. And definitely leave ideas if you have added any fun activities!

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Lindsay Rich said...

I am still waiting on my books to come! I ordered them from Amazon. I know my kids are going to love them!

oakleyses said...
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