Friday, June 28, 2013

Lorelai Piper

My fourth and last pregnancy is over and our sweet baby girl has arrived and is doing great!

Here are some pics from the hospital...

Oh my word, almost a mom of four!

Clearly had not hit the hard part of labor... did I mention my epidural didn't work? Yeah, that story coming soon...
Hair is a mess, make-up gone, and my sweet Lorelai in my arms.
Auntie Julie made it just in time.
 So incredibly tiny. The amazing thing about the fourth baby is just how calm I was. Everything felt natural and people couldn't believe how laid back Shane and I were. It felt so good to soak in every moment.
There she is... we thought we would end up with a huge chunky monkey because of the gestational diabetes, but instead got a 7 lb 10 oz little thing.
Finally bathed and changed into her sweet little pajamas. I can not stop kissing those cheeks. We are in baby heaven over here. She is a month old today. Having a hard time thinking that, it's already going too quickly!

7 LB 10 OZ
MAY 31 11:29 A.M.