Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First day of school 2012-2013

Ellie Grace started preschool! Still can't believe and I have been a hot mess over it. It's hard to let the last one go, especially when you don't want her to be the last one. Just sad for me to not have a baby anymore. But she is so happy. And I am definitely ready for her to have some time having fun at school.

This is her little cubby with her backpack which she loves to wear. Even her cute little snack bag complete with her favorite snacks.
Big Brother watching her play. He was so sweet showing her things and watching out for her.
Ellie's little mini chair.
And not to be left out was Avery's first day of second grade. After being up until 1:30 in the morning the night before at the Georgia Tech game, school was very relaxed!
Reece's first official day of Kindergarten. Growing up so much. He is definitely losing his little boyness.
Here is Ellie yelling about me taking her picture in the rain. This little one has some BIG personality. Teachers say she is doing great and even has another two year old buddy that she holds hands with when they walk to different activities.

To my munchkins, 
I love ALL three of you and am so proud of what good students you are. I can't wait to have a fun year of school with you.
Love, Mommy