Friday, April 25, 2014

Trim Healthy Mama Update

I posted earlier how I joined a gym and started exercising. I also read the book TRIM HEALTHY MAMA. And although I don't agree with everything they wrote, I have been using a lot of their tips (especially their FUEL PULLS and protein powders). I've cut out most sugar and bad carbs (which I LOOOOOOVE me some bread so this was hard).

So since February what's changed? Well, I am getting into much smaller jeans. And I am starting to feel stronger. I was so WEAK! I have realized that I am a "class at the gym" person. Putting me on a treadmill for an hour? BORING! That would be complete torture. I go crazy. But put me in a spin class? Totally invigorating.

My favorite class is YOGA. I have seen BIG changes in my body since starting this two months ago. And it's only once a week. And I don't even get there every week. But I am more sore after this class than a lot of other classes I've tried. It's actually something I'm good at and really enjoy. Until I finish nursing there is just not anyway I can run if you know what I mean. ;) So this way I am strengthening my body from being destroyed during my rough pregnancy and previous bout with ovarian cysts.

I have now lost all but 4 pregnancy pounds, but still have the 15 lbs I gained from the meds when I was sick. One thing I am noticing is that my body is changing a lot, but the scale is NOT changing. I am guessing I am building muscle? I am trying not to be discouraged by this as it is VERY easy for me to be down on myself. So my new goal is just to get into my favorite "7" jeans and try not to care about the number anymore.

That's the update. Hopefully another month or two from now and I will have another progress report.
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