Saturday, July 26, 2008

Summer Fun

Progress on the fence, nothing like some James Hardie materials for it to be indestructible and low maintenance. Once we slap on some Sherwin Williams Duration, we'll be set for a long time. I'm so done building fences, or I should say watching Shane build fences.

What a cutie. Love his little swim trunks. They just about go to his ankles though!

Daddy's new toy. The kids love to ride. Daddy's little helper.
So much summer fun, she fell asleep in her Daddy's arms. That NEVER happens. My kids are "SLEEP-IN-BED" only kind of kids.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

We're coming to get you Mimi and Pop!

Abuelos es muy bueno.

Reece Eating French Fries, a shock to all I know.

Daddy's shoulders are the best way to get around. Worn out from a UTI and constipation finally caught up with her.

Playing shy, wanting more queso on her quesdilla, and Daddy cooling it off for Reece (he only ate the fries though)

Is Shane in Mexico? Nope, but he did take his wife to Abuelos in Roanoke to get her out of the house. When giving a three year old constipation meds, you kind of have to stick close to home. So I called him at work and told him he had to take me out to dinner or I was checking myself in to the psychiatric ward at the hospital for a little R and R. He thankfully, chose to go to the tool store and take me to dinner. It was fabulous.
The kids were great. We sat outside on the patio and when the kids were done eating they could walk around a little bit in an enclosed area.
The food was good. The queso was super tasty, not too spicy so even the kids enjoyed it.
We rarely go out during the week nights for dinner, so this was a special treat.
How about tonight babe? he he he:)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Poop Diaries

Avery is on a medicine for the next two days to flush out her system. Her xrays showed no improvement so this is the next step. On the 22nd we go to see a pediatric gastrointestinal specialist who will verify this new medicine worked and go over who knows what else. Keep her in your prayers, there's going to be a lot of pull-ups used in the next two days! :)

100th Post

I can't believe I hit 100! Woohoo! So much has happened in a year since I started blogging. Reece is no longer an infant and is running around with the sweetest and most mischevious personality, we are in our new house, Avery is off the pacifier and pottytrained (and going to preschool!). Shane and I had our 5 year anniversary and had a great weekend away together. There have been a lot of really hard days, but it's been pretty awesome.

It's amazing to see God's hand in everything in just one year. Things we prayed for came to pass, trials we've overcome. Immeasurable joy we've experienced.

What will the next 100 posts be? I'm excited to find out. I know no matter what who is ultimately in control. We've received so many blessings this past year. God is faithful and gives in abundance. I can't wait to testify what he's going to do in the next 100 posts.

My little ones are growing so fast. I am thankful that I have an outlet in this blog to share with not only the grandparents, but anyone who happens to land here- that our little world, as small as it may seem sometimes, is a lot of fun, crazy, scary, and exciting all wrapped up into one.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Poop Update #2 (get it? he he he)

Avery had another round of x-rays on Sunday. She was a total champ and the nurses were awesome. Thank you NRV Medical Center for redeeming yourself after the "Most Useless Doctor in America" (note his new name, I figured worst should be reserved for someone who caused bodily harm).

Anyway, we see Awesome Dr. Sarah tomorrow to go over new pics and future treatment.

ON A SUPER POSITIVE NOTE! Avery pooped on her own today without a suppository. First time in THREE WEEKS! Keep praying though it seems like her little crack is on fire as it is causing some major burning on her bum.

Will update you all after her appointment tomorrow.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Poop Updates

Our Doctor sent us to the ER on Sunday to get Avery's system flushed out. Unfortunately, we got the worst Dr. in America who refused to do anything. Dr. WILLS YOU STINK! My poor Ave has spent a few more days working out her poop. We have made progress and our AWESOME DR. SARAH BRADFORD is sending us for another x-ray tomorrow to make sure we're getting her cleaned out. (our doc is the same one who owns the organic farm, yum.) Anyway, after the frustration with the worst doctor in America, I am so thankful that we do have a doctor who will stop in the middle of the parking lot to look at AVery's x-rays and let me call her at home when I am at a loss of what to do, and make my kids so comfortable that they don't even know that they are being probed. That is a rarity indeed and worth us never moving again. Ha, as if that will happen. I'll let you all know tomorrow what Sarah says about where we go from here with Avery. Keep her in your prayers. It's pretty sad when you tell her it's time for bum medicine and she just goes lays on the floors and puts her feet up in the air. She's been so good through all of this. I am sure her stomach just feel retched, but she takes all her meds like a champ and is drinking that mineral oil like a pro, gag!

Yum Yum

I didn't even know what some of the stuff was that I put in there, but oh so yummy!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 Pictures to show how much they've started playing together. At least until Reece gets too rough for Avery or she gets frustrated when he doesn't play dress-up!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Garage Time with Daddy and a Haircut

Reece's hair was out of control. Shane really wanted to give him a mohawk. I'm talking the real thing! And of course I wanted a clean-cut cutie. After debating for a month, Shane and I compromised on a clean-cut cutie! he he he! The only way we could keep him from crying was to feed him M&M's. Here's the conversation with my husband...

Megan: What could we give him to distract him?

Shane: Hurry!

Megan: (thinking to myself) Avery always wanted M&M's during pottytraining, I'll try that.)

Gave Reece an M&M

Megan: Look Shane he can eat them!

Shane: Yeah, he's been eating those for awhile.

Megan: (icy glare) What? You've been giving him candy?

Shane: (big boyish grin I can't resist) I don't know what you're talking about.

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My poor little girl...

Avery has a bladder infection and is very constipated. You can imagine all kinds of lovely things I have been doing the last couple of days. Ever get a urine sample from a three year old little girl? NO peeing in a cup, that's for sure. Let's just say gladware has a whole new use! I could be there next ad campaign. The round ones fit under the toilet lid for catching a urine sample! Now, do you think the dishwasher really sanitizes the bowl enough to use it again? HA!
Anway, back on subject. She just lays on the couch and moans. She's had every crevice in her body checked and her fever is over 102. Poor thing can barely sit up. She perked up at Target today while waiting for her prescriptions. Who knew she would pick out a Barbie video? I was sure it would be another Dora. So I put the portable DVD player in her room, we crawled in her bed, and watched Barbie Rapunzel. I actually enjoyed it. In between taking her temperature, administering medicine and soppositories of course! But at least in all the yucky, I had a few minutes (Reece was sleeping) to fully cuddle with my daughter and watch a princess flick. I see some chic flick nights on the horizon.