Thursday, July 24, 2008

Abuelos es muy bueno.

Reece Eating French Fries, a shock to all I know.

Daddy's shoulders are the best way to get around. Worn out from a UTI and constipation finally caught up with her.

Playing shy, wanting more queso on her quesdilla, and Daddy cooling it off for Reece (he only ate the fries though)

Is Shane in Mexico? Nope, but he did take his wife to Abuelos in Roanoke to get her out of the house. When giving a three year old constipation meds, you kind of have to stick close to home. So I called him at work and told him he had to take me out to dinner or I was checking myself in to the psychiatric ward at the hospital for a little R and R. He thankfully, chose to go to the tool store and take me to dinner. It was fabulous.
The kids were great. We sat outside on the patio and when the kids were done eating they could walk around a little bit in an enclosed area.
The food was good. The queso was super tasty, not too spicy so even the kids enjoyed it.
We rarely go out during the week nights for dinner, so this was a special treat.
How about tonight babe? he he he:)


Julie said...

I am so glad you got to have a special week night dinner! Don't you just love those little surprises of life? And I love all of the pictures of course!

Chartering New Waters said...

Hey why don't you take me there? The queso looks amazing! Yummo!

KnitPic said...

To me, a spontanteous date night night is almost better than the usual friday night date night! Way to go Shane, suffering for your wife's mental health!