Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Garage Time with Daddy and a Haircut

Reece's hair was out of control. Shane really wanted to give him a mohawk. I'm talking the real thing! And of course I wanted a clean-cut cutie. After debating for a month, Shane and I compromised on a clean-cut cutie! he he he! The only way we could keep him from crying was to feed him M&M's. Here's the conversation with my husband...

Megan: What could we give him to distract him?

Shane: Hurry!

Megan: (thinking to myself) Avery always wanted M&M's during pottytraining, I'll try that.)

Gave Reece an M&M

Megan: Look Shane he can eat them!

Shane: Yeah, he's been eating those for awhile.

Megan: (icy glare) What? You've been giving him candy?

Shane: (big boyish grin I can't resist) I don't know what you're talking about.


Dena said...

Now THAT'S a haircut - I love it!

julie said...

MEGAN!! hey stranger!! I recently made a blog for my girls and ran across Leslie's and some others>> and now here I've found YOU!! AGHH, the little one's have grown up SO MUCH!! Avery is your spitting imagine too :) They are ADORABLE!! Sorry to read about poor Avery's hinny issues .. I will give a shout out to the Lord for her :) Had to comment on the "garage cut" since this is how my wonderful husband came to be hairless as well. Shane should just go pro with all this! :) NOW WE CAN KEEP IN TOUCH!!

julie said...

image. meant to say IMAGE :)