Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fall Y' all!

Yeah! Fall is here. I have a love/hate relationship with fall. Summer is my first love. And Fall is second. the big comfy sweaters, uggs, pumpkin everything. The problem is that Fall inevitably welcomes in Winter. Who is my absolute nemesis! But I have decided to live in complete denial that Winter is coming and embrace that absolute awesomeness of Autumn. So with my new found attitude and outlook on the season I set out to surround myself in all things pumpkin and apple.

First up! Baked apples, applesauce, apple everything. This was a genius plan on my part. The kids did so much of it! And they all got along. No fighting! Score! Avery wanted to wash all the apples. Ellie was in charge of "moving" the apples, and Reece was the apple corer. Because of course anything involving machinery is HIS. So two hours later we had a house that smelled like apple pie. Yum!

The awesomeness in all this is our "new"kitchen. We finished the kitchen when I was 9 months pregnant. So last Fall we really didn't do too much. But just this week we have worked the heck out of my island. Seriously love her. She's like the best assistant ever. She holds all my stuff, gets beat up constantly, and never complains! All four feet of her glorious quartzness!
Anywho I digress....

It wouldn't be a post about this time of year without a little shout out to my new love, the pumpkin spice chai. I can't tell you how many I've had in the last two weeks. Probably too many. But this new discovery has rocked my world. And guess what????? Target has pumpkin spice chai in their TAZO section. MIND BLOWN! So yes, my pantry has been stocked to last me until Spring.
We started Road Trip USA... again. It seems we have started it three times and had to cut it out various year for different reasons. But now all three of the oldest kiddos can do it so we are going full force. It will work great with our cycle 3 in Classical Conversations this year along with the Sonlight Core D readers we are reading.

Here's my man showing off his Five Guys cheeseburger and apple cider. Why you ask? Because the first state we studied last week was Connecticut. And who knew that CT was the birthplace of the first cheeseburger. We also learned that colonists often drank cider and beer because they believed water was bad for them. And no we didn't have beer. Just straight up convenient and very OK tasting apple cider from Target.

Here's a free little grammar lesson for you. Please see the below pic for the correct contraction of you and all.
YOU + ALL= Y'all

You're Welcome!

That's just a pic of my new favorite obsession. It will be so sad when I have used up all of my starbucks giftcards!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Little Randomness from the Summer

Sissy snuggles

 I've been knitting lots of coasters.
 Water day with the two littles.
 Reece's new hat.
 Reece building a table.
 Attempted to curl my hair. It lasted four minutes.
 And just for some cuteness.
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