Thursday, October 25, 2007

Clean? Not so much!

Well, I decided to throw them both in the bathtub at the same time. It would have been brillliant, but lo and behold they both pooped! Nasty! Avery had some remnants apparantly that I missed when putting her in the bath and Reece just got a little too relaxed! Fun times! Not sure how clean they ended up getting!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rain Rain GO Away, Can I move into my house today?

SO my beautiful new house is DONE! However, because of stupid paperwork (my nemesis in all aspects of life) I can't move in until Friday. Alas, I have just ONE full day until I am free of living in limbo and I can finally be at HOME!

Well, since Reece won't nurse and I am going crazy insane in this house, the kids and I went to Barnes and Noble. This was a three-fold benefit. One- Starbucks, no other words needed. Two- toys Avery can play with (Thomas the train table). Three- Xmas gifts. We were able to waste almost two hours before all heck was about to break loose that is common with a 2 1/2 and 6 month old.

My heart is literally racing and I'm not sure I will get to sleep very much tonight and tomorrow. I am in pure adrenaline rush now. Seven months of living with two spoon, four forks, and a mattress on the floor has gotten really old. I have a new appreciation for missionaries who leave all of their stuff and move across the world. Well, I am going to get my poor daughter up from her nap because I just realized in my haste to get her down for a nap before bible study she never had lunch. Oh for normalcy. Whatever that is!!! :)
PS The picture is proof that my Mom and I had A LOT of Starbucks while I was in Ohio. Love that stuff!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

These boys are breaking my heart...

I didn't see it coming, but it did. Thursday we woke up and Reece refused to nurse. This wasn't a normal "I'm not hungry" mood. He starts screaming and pushing and writhing to get away from me whenever I try to nurse him. I am an emotional mess. I keep trying, but I'm not getting him to nurse four days later. I feel like I'm in mourning. I feel like he doesn't need me. I KNOW he does it's just all of these crazy emotions. I think I am struggling with this even more because Shane is now saying he doesn't want anymore kids. We've said we wanted four even when we were dating. It's taken me aback and quite honestly I'm devastated. I don't think he really gets how hurt I am over this. I'm glad he's being honest. I would never want to have more children if he wasn't excited about it. But I'm at a loss. I sort of joked to him how we might need some marriage counseling over this. I was only half joking. I feel like he just made this huge decision and I didn't get a say in it. And I'm trying to not be angry about it. I've been praying that when Reece is older I will either have a change of heart or Shane will. I just don't feel like we're done. Our family doesn't feel complete yet. Anyway, Reece not nursing is only compounding the problem. Is this the end? Is my body done in all respects to having babies? I didn't get to nurse Avery because she was early and I feel a little cheated that Reece is stopping at 6 months. I am going to keep offering to nurse him. There are success stories on- line of this happening. I'm not going to get my hopes up, but if Reece is the last one I really hope he will start to nurse again. And if he doesn't I am going to really start praying about God filling this desire of my heart. Whatever that means. I just don't want to ache for more kids the rest of my life or regret that we only had two children. I'm hoping that Shane's decision is based on the stress of living in limbo and once we are settled into our house with all of our stuff things could change. By the way, breastpumps suck. I am only getting an ounce in 20 minutes and I am no where near emptied. If I end up with mastitis over this I am going to be so mad.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The latest family shot...

The Carver's (Reece 6 mos., Avery 2 1/2)

Before church I had my mom take a picture since we could get everyone in it, all of our clothes were clean, and no one was crying. We even got Shane to get in the photo. He tends to be very elusive when the camera is out.

At The Barn Restaurant in Ohio and the pumpkin patch

Spending time in Ohio was awesome. We got to see family and we were, quite frankly, spoiled rotten. We were able to pass 2 1/2 weeks there instead of bored in the rental house. We missed Daddy and the dogs A LOT, but we had tons of fun. This is just one day we had and it was a lot of fun!

James, Mandy, and Maizie sitting still for a family shot outside The BARN.
Nini, Avery, and Pops feeding the ducks.
Reece and I staying in the shade. He loves the baby bjorn.
Avery picking out a pumpkin at the patch.
Reece wondering why he's sitting on a pumpkin. Pops wondering if the pumpkin really is big enough.
Avery picked out a bag of candy at the bulk food store.
Nini (my mom) and Avery walking to the hayride. Pops and Reece are at the end of the wagon.
After picking the biggest pumpkins in the patch, trying to get them in the car.
Wind blowing her hair on the hayride.

Pops had just gone to a game and was sporting his jersey. I'm sure Reece will have one someday.
Pops, Nini, and Reece on the hayride. Keep in mind this is October in Ohio. It's usually 50 degress, it was almost 90! Thankfully a big cloud covered the sun during the ride and it was much more bearable.
Nini showing off the pumpkin that was deemed Avery's. Mandy looking for James who got lost in the patch! Ha ha ha!
There's James and Maizie with their winning pumpkin! I think Maizie was wondering if Daddy was going to drop her or not!
Avery kept clinging to Mandy at the pumpkin patch, so Mandy (my sister) ended up with both of them on her lap!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bogged down in dial-up...

Ok, so my mom came to our house on Thursday and we had an awesome time. Then the morning she left she convinced me to come back to Ohio with her for awhile. Shane and I are going a little crazy in the rental house and we are getting pretty bored. Plus, seeing our house getting closer and closer to being finished is like the night before Christmas when you are about 9 years old. You get the picture.
So, here I am in Ohio. My poor husband and two dogs are now bored together, but I am getting spoiled rotten by my mom. My dad is on a business trip until Friday and we are trying to keep it a secret that I am even here. He was a little bummed already he didn't come down last weekend, so he is going to be super excited to see the kids.
Since my mom is on dial-up the whole blogging thing is pretty frustrating. I am going through withdrawal already checking everybody's sites and I'm only able to get a little accomplished before it either cuts off or just runs so slow I lose patience. I've given up adding pictures and will just type while I am here.
The last hour of our drive(6hrs) was pretty funny. Avery was watching Dora, which is always fun to listen to (sarcasm) and Reece was crying because he's a jumping boy and the carseat cramps his style. However, I loaded the IPOD and blasted my Selah album and it turned into a pretty awesome time. I kept playing Selah and Nicole Nordeman's GLORY song. WOW WOW WOW! One line read, "death will be defeated, and it will raise its white flag." It just fell right into place with where I've been lately. Reading in the bible, hearing things on t.v., it just made Jesus feel so close to me. Like we were going to see him soon. I was all choked up and I thought about the irony with having so much "noise" and distraction and yet hearing this song made me feel like I was right there praising God with the angels. Pretty awesome. Well, that's about all I have time for today. I just wanted to let my blogger list know that I am praying for you girls. Whatever's going on in life, I just feel like I need to be praying for each of you. How awesome that we are sisters in Christ and are connected by a cord in the wall (unless you are wireless, which I am completely envious of right now, ha!) Anyway, have a great week and I will post as I have the patience for sitting here listening to AOL dial.
Love, Megan