Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bogged down in dial-up...

Ok, so my mom came to our house on Thursday and we had an awesome time. Then the morning she left she convinced me to come back to Ohio with her for awhile. Shane and I are going a little crazy in the rental house and we are getting pretty bored. Plus, seeing our house getting closer and closer to being finished is like the night before Christmas when you are about 9 years old. You get the picture.
So, here I am in Ohio. My poor husband and two dogs are now bored together, but I am getting spoiled rotten by my mom. My dad is on a business trip until Friday and we are trying to keep it a secret that I am even here. He was a little bummed already he didn't come down last weekend, so he is going to be super excited to see the kids.
Since my mom is on dial-up the whole blogging thing is pretty frustrating. I am going through withdrawal already checking everybody's sites and I'm only able to get a little accomplished before it either cuts off or just runs so slow I lose patience. I've given up adding pictures and will just type while I am here.
The last hour of our drive(6hrs) was pretty funny. Avery was watching Dora, which is always fun to listen to (sarcasm) and Reece was crying because he's a jumping boy and the carseat cramps his style. However, I loaded the IPOD and blasted my Selah album and it turned into a pretty awesome time. I kept playing Selah and Nicole Nordeman's GLORY song. WOW WOW WOW! One line read, "death will be defeated, and it will raise its white flag." It just fell right into place with where I've been lately. Reading in the bible, hearing things on t.v., it just made Jesus feel so close to me. Like we were going to see him soon. I was all choked up and I thought about the irony with having so much "noise" and distraction and yet hearing this song made me feel like I was right there praising God with the angels. Pretty awesome. Well, that's about all I have time for today. I just wanted to let my blogger list know that I am praying for you girls. Whatever's going on in life, I just feel like I need to be praying for each of you. How awesome that we are sisters in Christ and are connected by a cord in the wall (unless you are wireless, which I am completely envious of right now, ha!) Anyway, have a great week and I will post as I have the patience for sitting here listening to AOL dial.
Love, Megan


Dena said...

I have been missing you - I can't wait to hear how excited your Dad is to see y'all - that is an AWESOME surprise to come home to!!
Have a wonderful safe trip and we will be awaiting your return with pictures and broadband!

thanks for the prayers - we can always use some!!!

LeslieW. said...

Wow! That does take some patience! We miss you and are so thankful for you prayers. Have a great time and do some knitting while you are there!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the prayers for Carlie!
It is awesome to have sisters in Christ for which without modern technology, we would have never found one another!
Hope you are having a blessed week!
Talk to you soon!

P.S. Carlie is getting much better!

Anonymous said...

I loved reading about your drive to OH... that's where my family lives too and for me it is a 10 hour drive... which I've done several times alone with Silas. Those last few hours are always really, REALLY interesting!!