Thursday, October 18, 2007

At The Barn Restaurant in Ohio and the pumpkin patch

Spending time in Ohio was awesome. We got to see family and we were, quite frankly, spoiled rotten. We were able to pass 2 1/2 weeks there instead of bored in the rental house. We missed Daddy and the dogs A LOT, but we had tons of fun. This is just one day we had and it was a lot of fun!

James, Mandy, and Maizie sitting still for a family shot outside The BARN.
Nini, Avery, and Pops feeding the ducks.
Reece and I staying in the shade. He loves the baby bjorn.
Avery picking out a pumpkin at the patch.
Reece wondering why he's sitting on a pumpkin. Pops wondering if the pumpkin really is big enough.
Avery picked out a bag of candy at the bulk food store.
Nini (my mom) and Avery walking to the hayride. Pops and Reece are at the end of the wagon.
After picking the biggest pumpkins in the patch, trying to get them in the car.
Wind blowing her hair on the hayride.

Pops had just gone to a game and was sporting his jersey. I'm sure Reece will have one someday.
Pops, Nini, and Reece on the hayride. Keep in mind this is October in Ohio. It's usually 50 degress, it was almost 90! Thankfully a big cloud covered the sun during the ride and it was much more bearable.
Nini showing off the pumpkin that was deemed Avery's. Mandy looking for James who got lost in the patch! Ha ha ha!
There's James and Maizie with their winning pumpkin! I think Maizie was wondering if Daddy was going to drop her or not!
Avery kept clinging to Mandy at the pumpkin patch, so Mandy (my sister) ended up with both of them on her lap!


Anonymous said...

WELCOME BACK!!! You have been missed! It looks like you had a fabulous time in Ohio with your family! That is nice way to knock off some time before moving into your new house, which is coming up fast! Can't wait to see the finished product!
The pictures are adorable.
Was your dad excited and surprised to see you all?

Dena said...

Welcome BACK! Now that's what I call a pumpkin patch! Our are just already picked pumpkins ~ I am glad that you had soo much fun and got spoiled! parents ROCK!

Anonymous said...

What great fall fun :)