Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another step in organization

Today we started our new budget. I was demoted (I fired myself) from bill paying and money managing. I basically stink at it. So hubs whipped out a new budget on the computer (in about 5 seconds what would take me 5 weeks) and we got to work. We had our first "business meeting." Doesn't that sound so much better than budget meeting? It did help that he was in bed with his foot up on a pillow on ice so that we could sit and talk, ha!
I digress. We have a bill pay account, a spending account, and an online savings account that is not linked to any of our bank accounts. He puts money in the spending account for gas etc. and I now get cash for groceries, dining, and my personal "blow" money.
So today I attempted to keep track of all of this. I"m not gonna lie. For me it's stressful. I had four places to go today, with only one child, and at one point I couldn't find $100. Thankfully it was just stuck on the other side of my wallet behind a receipt so all is well. But I accomplished a lot with just one ragamuffin with me.
I went to Barnes and Noble, had lunch, got Reece's chore chart, new knitting magazine, and bible study book.
Walmart was next were I got a few groceries, jam making supplies, school supplies, paper products.
Next was Target for school supply buckets, baby wipes, and baby food.
Ended the day at Kroger for organic meet, dairy, and cereal.

At the end of the day I had $40 left. For TWO weeks! Yikes. I can see how we are always off budget now. I'm suddenly on the hunt for laundry detergent recipes, making my own baby wipes, and saving money in general.

Honestly, there is a tiny part of me that gets a high off of this. But a bigger part of me that finds this whole process overwhelming and stressful. Like I can barely keep up with things now and suddenly I am making all this stuff from scratch, keeping up with a wad of cash, and homeschooling soon. I'm a little stressed out by it. I am enjoying it. But I think when every thing is organized and in its place and we're on somewhat of a schedule I will feel a little more at peace about this.

The budget thing is really for Shane. My tactics stress him out and cause issues in our marriage and I am finally giving in and trying this. It's a lot more work for me that's for sure. But I am reading THE EXCELLENT WIFE and am convicted about it. I am sure once we've done this new budget thing for a couple of months I will be a "pro."

Anyone else doing this stuff? Leave me some comments of ways you save money or if you carry cash only.

Here's a new link I found:

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Advantages to your hubs having surgery...

He comes home by 3 or 4 pm every day.

We can cuddle in bed in the middle of the day because he is forced to slow down and ice his foot and two of the three kiddos were napping!

We had a "business meeting" before it was late and the kids were cranky. Redid our whole budget and have a new game plan.

We ate dinner at the dining room table before 8 pm.

We still had time to have friends over and have a meeting about our homegroup.

We ate brownies at previously stated meeting.

Amazing quality time. I hate that he had surgery, but I am secretly reaping some benefits from it!

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

15 Pounds

I hate those two words. Because five months later that is how much extra weight I am carrying around. Just enough to keep me out of my "cute" clothes. Just enough to make me feel yucky about myself. Just enough to obsess over.

I keep reminding myself that she's worth it. My little surprise. My sweet little girl, with her big blue eyes, dark brown hair, and sweet little cheeks. My "bonus" baby. My extra blessing. Yeah, she's worth it.
It will come off eventually. A treadmill is on its way. Hubs wants to do P90X together. I'm back to shopping/cooking healthy meals. I hate that I lose sight of why. My battle scars.

My 15 lbs of blessing. Yup, time to stop whining.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mac Attack

We are the proud owners of a macbook now. Shane took the plunge and decided to switch after speaking with some close friends and family about how great they are.

Right now we are in Nashville visiting with all of Shane's side of the family. We are having a great time. We have been to the pool a couple of times and eaten lots of tasty meals and the kids have played with all of their cousins.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Blueberry Jammin

The final product.

The recipes.

Babies chillin, mamas cookin.

Can't get much cuter than that!

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Back to Basics

So the next step in my quest for PURE and organic food has led me to making my own stuff. The past month I have made my own jam, started filling the freezer with homemade bread, and I am pureeing (sp?) veggies from the produce I get from Sarah's farm and freezing it to add into sauces and other dishes.

I can't believe how much of an accomplishment and satisfaction I feel from all of this. I sometimes fear I am turning into a granny really quickly, ha! But in reality I feel so much more at peace about what I am feeding the kids.

It was so easy the other night to make some (healthier) fried chicken, pull out baked cinnamon apples from the freezer made in the fall, and eat green beans fresh from the farm. It's been so neat to see the kids get involved. Reece was so excited to snap the green beans and Avery loves stirring everything. Which leads me to my next quest....

Getting these kids to earn their keep. Ha ha ha! Just kidding. But I have done everything for them since Ave was born and I don't regret that at all. But now that they are older it's time for them to learn a work ethic and that in order for our family to function we need to work as a team. (start playing Wonder Pets song in your head). So Reece loves the swiffer and dust buster, and Ave is putting some of the dishes away from the dishwasherand likes to dust. They're feeding the dogs and I am going to start having them make their beds and clean up their rooms before dinner each night. Now if one of them would just love to wash dishes that would be AMAZING! LOL

So today I encourage you to get back to our roots. Like our grandmas do it. Surprisingly it isn't that hard. Just takes a little research and an accurate grocery list. And maybe a friend to help keep you on track when reading recipes! (I had a little trouble doubling a recipe and my friend Kimberly, who was making jam with me, had to keep questioning and helping me with those darn numbers!

Awesome website that is really getting me thinking about how much money I am wasting with groceries.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Just checking in...

It's been a CRAZY month. We spent the first couple of weeks in Ohio with my family. Came home to brand new hardwood floors on the second floor (courtesy of my gorgeous and talented hubs), spent 5 days at a family reunion in Kentucky and now we are home for a week before we leave for Nashville to see all of Shane's side of the family. Busy summer but great.

I feel like I just pack and unpack and am still doing laundry and putting things away. We finished the dining room this weekend. Last thing to do is get curtain rods and then I feel as if the first floor is done. Isn't it funny how paint can make you feel like a room is complete?

We're very close to finishing the basement organization/purge. Shane will be drywalling and building a closet so that we can get our homeschooling room all set up. Can't wait to order the curriculum and get everything ready for my KINDERGARTENER! Holy Cow I sound old.

I have a million pictures to load onto the computer and am hoping this more than five year old Dell holds up a little longer, ha!

Lots of fun and exciting things I've learned recently. Breadmaking, jam making, picked blueberries, found some antiques, etc. Will post more soon. Can't wait to get into a routine.

Tomorrow is Hannah's shower and I still have a few things to get ready for it. I think I will hit the hay soon though since I know it will be an early morning!

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