Thursday, July 29, 2010

15 Pounds

I hate those two words. Because five months later that is how much extra weight I am carrying around. Just enough to keep me out of my "cute" clothes. Just enough to make me feel yucky about myself. Just enough to obsess over.

I keep reminding myself that she's worth it. My little surprise. My sweet little girl, with her big blue eyes, dark brown hair, and sweet little cheeks. My "bonus" baby. My extra blessing. Yeah, she's worth it.
It will come off eventually. A treadmill is on its way. Hubs wants to do P90X together. I'm back to shopping/cooking healthy meals. I hate that I lose sight of why. My battle scars.

My 15 lbs of blessing. Yup, time to stop whining.

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LaRae Davenport said...

awwww, she is so worth it!! And you look great, so no worries!! Be happy it's only 15 lbs :)

Chartering New Waters said...

She is very worth it! I once read a mommy-article that was beautifully written.

It spoke to me about carrying the body changes after having kids. In particular the article focused on each stretch mark being part of the story. This stretch mark = their birth. This one = crawling. This one = kisses every day (and so on).

So whenever I struggle with this kinda thing...I remember that story. Because each stretch mark is worth all the joy of being a mom!