Friday, July 16, 2010

Back to Basics

So the next step in my quest for PURE and organic food has led me to making my own stuff. The past month I have made my own jam, started filling the freezer with homemade bread, and I am pureeing (sp?) veggies from the produce I get from Sarah's farm and freezing it to add into sauces and other dishes.

I can't believe how much of an accomplishment and satisfaction I feel from all of this. I sometimes fear I am turning into a granny really quickly, ha! But in reality I feel so much more at peace about what I am feeding the kids.

It was so easy the other night to make some (healthier) fried chicken, pull out baked cinnamon apples from the freezer made in the fall, and eat green beans fresh from the farm. It's been so neat to see the kids get involved. Reece was so excited to snap the green beans and Avery loves stirring everything. Which leads me to my next quest....

Getting these kids to earn their keep. Ha ha ha! Just kidding. But I have done everything for them since Ave was born and I don't regret that at all. But now that they are older it's time for them to learn a work ethic and that in order for our family to function we need to work as a team. (start playing Wonder Pets song in your head). So Reece loves the swiffer and dust buster, and Ave is putting some of the dishes away from the dishwasherand likes to dust. They're feeding the dogs and I am going to start having them make their beds and clean up their rooms before dinner each night. Now if one of them would just love to wash dishes that would be AMAZING! LOL

So today I encourage you to get back to our roots. Like our grandmas do it. Surprisingly it isn't that hard. Just takes a little research and an accurate grocery list. And maybe a friend to help keep you on track when reading recipes! (I had a little trouble doubling a recipe and my friend Kimberly, who was making jam with me, had to keep questioning and helping me with those darn numbers!

Awesome website that is really getting me thinking about how much money I am wasting with groceries.

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Julie said...

I'll email you my address again in case you forgot, so you can get the bread and jam shipped to me! HAHAHA!

I'm love that Avery and Reece are helping you! That is wonderful!

Chartering New Waters said...

Yea...where's my share of jam? I too have been getting back to the "olden days" in regards to food prep, which means head to the market buy the whole fruit and cut it up and prep at home.

Maizie has been making her bed, unloading the dishwasher (just her and Jackson's stuff), and picking up toys. We started a reward chart in which she gets a sticker for each task completed for the day. It's been going pretty well. We also added nice words/no whining to the chart too! Clearly, we've been thinking the same thing!

Chartering New Waters said...

In addition, I would've like to see some pics from the Jam Session!