Sunday, January 8, 2017

My New Space

It has become more and more obvious as I homeschool that I crave quiet and my own space. That is all difficult when you have four kiddos home 24/7 and have added a part time job (director of a homeschool academy). This means our home has had to transition and change too! Our dining room became a big waste of space. And ultimately we all used it as a catch all room instead of ever eating in there so we made the decision to put our dining room table in the basement for now and turn the space into an office and music room.

And it's been glorious!

We switched the piano and hutch so that the music lessons/practice are done in a corner of the room too. I was surprised at how much more the girls are attracted to the piano now that it's not in the main room of our home. There are some disadvantages to an open floor plan and that's one of them. Finding a quiet space to practice wasn't really happening in the main living area. Not only the girls, but I have been playing as well which has been dreamy.

So as much as I was worried about taking up a whole room on the first floor and it feeling kind of selfish, it was actually the best decision for all of us. Now I'm not trying to work while the kids are playing play station or the little girls have toys spread every where!

It may not be the library that Belle had, but it's pretty awesome none the less.

The girls weren't playing well together so I moved this in for the morning so they could play in front of me. Of course it lasted two minutes and they were too cute and I couldn't concentrate!
This picture was before Shane raised the chandelier and I still need to order the rug.
Music corner! Found a really cute wall hook for Avery's violin. And Shane was super excited to hang those heavy mirrors up so high.

I ended up pushing this chair against the wall where the antique door is because the little girls kept moving it every time they walked by. Now I just have to bring up the 20 boxes of books in the basement and fill up the book shelves! 

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