Friday, April 27, 2012

My Blog is moving....

I have finally had time to sit down and figure out how to change domains for my blog. I don't really even know what that means. But I wanted a url that encompassed more of me than just my kids. Especially the address only includes two of my kiddos. So things may look funny here as things are getting adjusted. But the new address will be..... drumroll.....

I have no clue if this will be a smooth transition so please be patient as I figure out what exactly it is I just did. And thank you to Andrew T. for the dumbed down explanation of what I needed to do!

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2:1 Conference

Well, I just checked into the conference and am enjoying a very quiet hour of rest in my hotel room until the festivities start. Attendees definitely hit the jackpot with their goody bags. A couple of the items in my bag have been in my shopping cart even! How great is that. And the kit was in there too and will be shipped off to my sis since I just happen to buy it a couple of weeks ago.

Did I mention it's really quiet? hahaha! I can't believe I walked into a hotel room with two small bags. I can hear my little munchkins voices in my head. No-- I promise I am not going insane. But I think when you are constantly surrounded by little ones talking your ear off, it's hard to hear the quiet when they aren't around. Does that make sense?

I will keep posting through out the weekend so my sistas and Jessica can get all the info. Wish you girls were here, but again.... am enjoying the quiet! ;)

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Carver Family Portraits

Shane's parents had a photographer come and take pictures while we were there for Christmas. After looking through them I see a lot of laughing and a lot of kissing. I think that makes for a successful family!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

So the last fews weeks have been way too busy for my liking. One of the million reasons I want to homeschool is the flexibility it gives us in our schedule. Allowing for spontaneity. But I scheduled so many activities this semester that we were more restricted than I think was best for us. Thankfully things are winding down. Their art class is over, ballet recital done, and we took a two week break on some other activities that really helped get us recharged.

We school all year so we will still have school through the summer. A much lighter load and more science thru nature than sitting still in the classroom, but still some basics.

Anywho, my mom was here last week. And it is so nice to get spoiled once in a awhile. Just having adult conversation, running on a quick errand by myself, and even getting help during the dinner hour. Sweet bliss. We even did some decorating and sewing too. I finally feel comfortable using the serger she gave me and even learned some tricks on my sewing machine. We switched the curtains in the school room with the kitchen ones and it makes each room look way better. It's always nice to get a fresh set of eyes in my house and give me the extra push to change things sometimes. It ended up involving ripping out seams, tying with hidden strings, and something other weird fixes to make it work. But in the end I love it. The schoolroom is brighter and the kitchen/dining area looks more polished. I know you want pictures, but I have a few more things to do before I can post.

Shane and I have also discovered that Ellie is now sleeping more in her big sister's bed (a queen size) than in her own bed at night. As much as it breaks my heart, it may be time to pack the crib away.

sniff sniff... ugly cry... sniff sniff

My sister is giving us a dresser for her so it makes sense to just let the girls sleep together and give Ellie a dresser in the room and put the changing table away. Well, it has taken me two days to write this. So I think I will post it and then try to get some pictures up today.

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