Friday, April 27, 2012

2:1 Conference

Well, I just checked into the conference and am enjoying a very quiet hour of rest in my hotel room until the festivities start. Attendees definitely hit the jackpot with their goody bags. A couple of the items in my bag have been in my shopping cart even! How great is that. And the kit was in there too and will be shipped off to my sis since I just happen to buy it a couple of weeks ago.

Did I mention it's really quiet? hahaha! I can't believe I walked into a hotel room with two small bags. I can hear my little munchkins voices in my head. No-- I promise I am not going insane. But I think when you are constantly surrounded by little ones talking your ear off, it's hard to hear the quiet when they aren't around. Does that make sense?

I will keep posting through out the weekend so my sistas and Jessica can get all the info. Wish you girls were here, but again.... am enjoying the quiet! ;)

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Lindsay Rich said...

Love that childtraining bible! I want one!

Joy said...

Wasn't the conference amazing?? I loved it! It was such a wonderful time rejoicing and praising God with like-minded homeschooling blogging momma's. Looking forward to getting to know you better!