Tuesday, February 11, 2014

EARLY morning and I went to the gym...

Well baby girl was awake at 5:30 today. That's A.M.!!! UGH. I am so not a morning person. But since I have been up for almost three hours and have already showered, dressed, put on make-up, ate breakfast, filled out my planner for the day, and finished my devotions I ended up with time to blog!

In other crazy news.... I joined a gym. And I actually went to it this time. SHOCKING I KNOW! I am not a gym person. When you are "blessed" like I am the gym is a dangerous place to be. I spend most of my time trying not to give myself black eyes and then don't get very much exercise in because I am so self-concious. But a trip to Di*ck*s Sporting Goods has hopefully eliminated or at least lessened that issue.

Oh wait did you catch that? Yeah, I went to the sporting goods store. And not to buy soccer cleats for my kids, FOR ME. Wow it was a whole new world there. Did you know you can buy a pair of black capri workout pants for SEVENTY dollars? Yeah, crazy. Thankfully everything was on sale.

 So I found the "support" section and they were buy one get one half off. SCORE! I also grabbed another zip up fleece from Columbia in purple because I got tired of looking at my black one EVERY SINGLE LIVE LONG DAY. (I hate winter) I found a Nike pullover that was pretty darn cute and even has little holes in the sleeves to put my thumb through. I have no idea why I need this, but I can't wait to use it. And the previous mentioned $70 Under Armor work out capris also made it into the cart but they ended up on sale for $45.

The big question is did I go to the gym...


Saturday morning at 7:30 my honey and I attended a spin class. And I didn't die. Or throw out my back. I couldn't sit right for a couple of days but it was actually a really good experience. Despite the pain of being on a really tiny bicycle seat after four kids, it was actually a great time.

Even though I had to get myself excited about this by buying new clothes and going with Shane for the first time. I think now that I can do this and actually enjoy it.

Thanks to the free childcare during the day I can even go in the mornings! The kiddos enjoyed the childcare room and all the new toys and Shane and I basically got a date in that week. SCORE for all.

SO here is to losing those last 15 pounds and fitting back into my Seven for all Mankind jeans.

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Lindsay Rich said...

You can do it! Proud of you for making it to the gym by 7:30am on a Saturday! Amazing!

oakleyses said...
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