Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baby Names

So this time I am having a hard time coming up with girl names. Pretty much the names that have been on my list previously have been used by other friends or I just don't like them anymore. Of course if I am carrying a boy then there is no reason to even bother worrying about it, but I'm one of those weird OCD types that likes to walk into my ultrasound and know the name when I see it on the screen. So any ideas? And don't give me a name that you want to use for yourself. Remember on "Friends" when Rachel stole Monica's baby name? I may also be one of those weird types that can reference just about any instance to an episode of "Friends". The boy name that we are thinking about is Kenan William, and don't tell me if you hate it because I went through that when we named Avery, (uh -hum MOM). Kenan means little Kenneth after my dad and grandpa and William is after my other grandpa. We figured since Reece got all three names from Shane's side of the family we would give our next boy all names from my side. If you end up sending me a fabulous name that I just have to use, then I will make you one of my bible canvases. (8x10 you can pick the word and the verses in the background, shipping free.)

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Julie said...

I'm going to win this one. I'll think about it and get back to you.

Megan said...

If you win, you would be naming your niece or nephew, just like I named you. Better pick a goodie! You can enter more than once!

ali said...

I LOVE baby names!!! There is nothing more special than a name that has a special meaning behind it - so your name for a baby boy is sweet. Is Avery's middle name Elizabeth and what is Reece's mn? I will be thinking...I took the easy way out and narrowed my choices to the hard "C". :)

LaRae Davenport said...

oh gosh--i want one of those canvas' so i'll be thinking really hard!! If i give you a great website, and you choose a name from that website, can i still win the canvas??? hahahha

It is such a great resource and has fun lists like "names most likely to go to harvard" hahaha. ENJOY!!!

p.s. "VETO!" ==i love friends, we need to have a marathon night!

Anonymous said...

My favorite girls names, should I have another - which I am not - would be either Katie (just Katie - not short for anything) or Sydney. Both with a middle name of Ruth (I know old fashion, but Ruth is one of my favorite woman in the Bible!!) I also love the name ZOE!

Boys are much harder -- Luke is by far my favorite boy name. It is boyish and strong. I also like Jack and Owen.

Good luck with the names!!!

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm... I'm a little partial since I call my little princess this... "Ellie".

Many congrats on #3!!!