Thursday, February 16, 2012

Knitting in the not so cold Winter

This is one of the two hundred pictures that Avery took with my camera. I won't post the 30 pictures of an Ariel doll with nappy hair that are on there too! This was one of the actual cold days we have had this winter. It's been pretty warm. So we did school in the living room under lots of blankets!

 I have turned this 31 bag into bag that is all knitting. It has turned into the bag of projects for other people.
 A brown scarf for Shane, pink/grey legwarmers for Avery's ballet, Navy cowl for Judy.
 This scarf has been worked on for two years. It keeps getting pushed aside for other things. I will most likely get it done just in time for July, ha!

 Ellie kept stealing my pattern cards so I found some clips and locked them on. Nerdy or genius? Maybe both?
 This is the bag of projects for me that get started and never finished! And yes those legos are a permanent fixture around here.
 My sis bought me this yarn. It is so close to being done.
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knitpic said...

Love the clip idea! Thanks.