Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A little complaining and explaining...

So I am sure you have noticed that there haven't been many blogs from me lately. Well, quite frankly I have had some major allergy issues and have doing the bare minimum. For almost two months I have had a continuous sinus headache and it finally got so bad that I am now on 4 prescription meds to try and get some relief. As you know, I'm not crazy about using prescriptions continuously, but it got to the point that I was wheezing and couldn't breath iwth a headache, itchy nose and eyes, etc. etc. etc. Are you still reading? Can't believe you are, but good news. I am feeling better today. Yes today is the first day in 8 weeks that I haven't gone through the day wishing I could stay in bed. It has been a little depressing, but the sun is out and the meds are kicking in and I am getting EIGHT loads of laundry done. Keep in mind that I have the LARGEST capacity washing machine we could find at the appliance store. That is A LOT of laundry.
I even got a little crazy and cleaned out the bottom of my closet and reOrganized my purse hangers. I made homemade popcorn, cut up strawberries, checked out some sewing blogs, and cleaned up the toys in the living room. Honestly, I am exhausted. But at least I got something accomplished today.

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