Friday, October 16, 2009

Name Explanation

This is the second time I am writing this so hopefully it doesn't get erased again.

So being an English major and former teacher, coming up with names is not the easiest thing. I put these ridiculous stipulations on myself and it's a wonder that any of our kids have names. For instance, the name had to have five letters, have a long e sound, British or celtic descent, have a religous meaning, could not be in the top 100 on any list, and sound cute with Avery and Reece. Isn't that completely ridiculous? I know. But I couldn't shake the requirements. The four of us have all of these stipulations in our names- except one- so I have connected all 4 of our names together using this list. I should get a Nobel prize for that. Anyway, every element of her name is purposed. I am a strong believer in the power of naming your child. Think I am crazy? Read the bible.

So on nameberry there is a list for cool, but not as popular names and ELLIE just screamed off the page when I saw it. It fit EVERY requirement. And most importantly Shane really liked it too. His suggestions have been LaFonda and Earl. You can see who was having more fun making fun of names than actually coming up with good suggestions.

After searching countless name lists and baby sites here is what I came up with:

Ellie means: bright shining one
Grace: a virtue

Avery means: nobility
Elizabeth: consecrated to God

Christopher: Christ bearer
Reece: enthusiasm or running, seems to be both

Megan: Pearl or strong or able
Elizabeth: Consecrated to God

Christopher:Christ bearer
Shane: God is Gracious

Pretty cool huh? I can tell you that so far the four of us have lived up to and completely emulate the meanings behind our names. So there it is...after all that.. Ellie Grace Carver.

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Julie said...

I think the name is beautiful!

Kim Amstutz said...

Love it!

Crystal said...

I also believe that names carry powerful meanings behind them. Both of my boys carry prophetic meanings and reminders/admonitions to Rob and me. David is a promise that he is going to be a man after God's own heart, like his namesake, King David (and we are to raise him as such). Aidan means fire and is a reminder to me each day to live my life being passionate about God and His kingdom, and is also a prophecy that he is going to be a man on fire for God. Their middle names are actually after Rob and me...David Robert and Aidan John. How does John relate to me, well, it's a family name on my side and is also what my name would have been if I were a boy. Plus, the fact that it means "God is gracious" was completely perfect--after having a strong-willed David, God was gracious to give me his more easy going little brother. :)

I love Ellie's name!

Barrett & Traci said...

I love it and am so glad to know I was not the only "ocd" girl to come up with a good name.. i am still thankful we have not had to narrow down a girl name this time around. :) Now, I am gonna have to blog about Nathaniel's name and how it came to be! :) I really to love Ellie Grace .. it's funny b/c the reason I loved 2 of my girl names was for the nn Ellie or Elle. :) I am all about the meaning and also the sound/letters/syllables.. how funny! :)

LaRae Davenport said...

how precious!! I'm enlisting your services when I get preggers--you are a pro at this! :)

Cheryl said...

I just stumbled across your blog and it is a wonderful name. I don't have the same name rules but we do have our own and it doesn't get easier we have 5 and it has been hard work coming up with the right names. Out of the 5 only one was changed at the last minute our 1st two had dark eyes and hair so that was what we were expecting and number 3 surprised us with blue eyes and red hair, so we went with our runner up name and it suits him. Congratulations and again it is a lovely name.