Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I am trying a new budget thing. Where I enter things on Excel and see the numbers going up and down. Keeping receipts, entering totals, paying bills online...I've decided the whole thing is impossible. It doesn't ever match up and I've been more stressed out about it than ever before. I am hoping this is just an adjustment period and that soon it is all going to start working out and I can be calmer about it. Do these things always get worse before they get better? It's going to be a lean Christmas this year...ha!

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Chartering New Waters said...

We're having a lean Christmas too! I have bought a couple things throughout the year for M & little J. I plan on making a few nightgowns for Maizie and her Sophia and Carli! Other than that...just keeping it simple. With the clearance toys I've bought the kids, I don't think I've spent more than $50...wait until you see the pic of what I've bought! Melissa and Doug...Thomas...puzzles...etc!!! I'm kinda excited already!

Julie said...

Maizie still plays with baby Sophia? Aw, I love that! And as far as the budgeting thing goes, if it's not adding up, make sure your starting amount is off of the paper statement you get in the mail, and all those transactions have actually cleared. If you start of with a balance from online, it will never add up exactly!