Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A lot accomplished

Yesterday I was having tons of braxton hicks and they really wore me out, so I pretty much did nothing, but knit, two loads, of laundry, dinner, and take care of the kids. (that's sarcastic.) Even "nothing" still seems like a lot. Anyway, today I still wasn't feeling that great, but decided that since both kids were in school I needed to get some things done.

In three hours:

Groceries: a bunch of delicious organic food that I am finally excited to cook
Target- few snacks, Halloween stuff for kids party, Tinker Bell movie (don't tell Ave-for Xmas), etc...
Mall- Clinique to get my moisturizer. 34 dollars!!! Holy Cow. Mom gave me two samples and I am addicted, so there went my blow money
BedBathandBeyond- two Yankee Candles, can't go without my Cranberry Chutney, the Be Thankful smells pretty tasty too ( do you think the candles can fall into the grocery budget column since they have food names? I'm thinking so. ha!)
Panera- egg and cheese sandwich, being preggo I gots to eat!
TJMaxx-- big blue bowl for jewelry (pic coming), couple xmas gifts, two sweaters and jeans for Ave

Whew! Can't believe how much I can get done in less than three hours! I only saved 12.50 with my Kroger card today, but still came under budget at $195! ((((That's all organic people! Minus the Krispy Kreme doughnuts. It seems I have to have one junk food item in the cart. And wasn't it great when the kid threw the gallon of milk on top of them in the cart?AH! )))) Last time I saved over 45 dollars, so my expectations were a little high.

I just couln't belive that in a few months I would be doing all of this with a newborn again. I'm excited. It's fun out on my own, but I miss my kiddos!

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