Friday, October 23, 2009

Recent trip to thrift store:

I thought this picture of the little girl and boy standing in the rain was so cute hanging with the kids backpacks.
After a coat of red paint and then dark brown stain. Not totally sure what to put on it or hang around it.

Before pic. UGLY! I'm guessing it is really for outside. It is a pretty heavy metal piece. I even hung an anchor in the wall for the first time!
I was a little nervous about these candlesticks. But they washed up really nicely and I decided to not paint them and just put candles in them that I had in my drawer already.

Here's the bag I made for Avery for the pumpkin patch. Still working on her skirt. I was pretty proud of myself on the handles. Not having a pattern I was trying to get a more professional look and finally figured out how to do it.

The little glass vase was .35 and is on the bottom left. I had nothing for this cabinet when we bought it in the spring and thanks to all the garage sales and thriftstores I've just about filled it up!

These prints were at a flea market in town for $2.00 total!
I realized the little lamp shade fit perfectly on top of the candle holder and then I put a battery candle in it so it wouldn't burn.

This shelf has had nothing on it for months. Just a thick layer of dust since it's above my eyesight and I always forget about it. The picture frame was $3, the candlesticks were .65 a piece and the basket was .35.
Here's all the goods before... I got all of this at Goo*dwill for $22 !!!

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KnitPic said...

I have tears! You make your mama so proud! Way to bargain shop!

Chartering New Waters said...

I am proud too! What size are the rainboots? Apparently it's cool to wear them here...mostly because when it seems to pour. But that was all day Friday and then it drizzled Saturday. Anyways...I'd buy the boots if they're my size at 50% markup for what you paid! :)

Megan said...

The boots are for AVERY! They are kid size 11. Do you think you can get your big ole foot in there?