Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Mom-Mobile

Well, after three years of debating, discussing, dreading, anticipating- we broke down and bought a minivan. Shane's been at the dealer for a couple of days trying to get a good deal and we ended up with the one we've wanted for awhile. For those of you that don't know, I have been driving my Honda Civic for 7 years and I love that car, but no the best for two little ones, two adults, and two black labs.

I'm officially a nerd, but I have to say. I am the coolest nerd. This thing even has a spot to plug my IPOD into the sound system! The DVD player is awesome for all these trips to the grandmas houses, and the heated seats...oh my bum isn't dreading winter so much. HA HA HA!

Here's our new baby. And yes, I got up this morning wanting to drive somewhere, but where? Now that we have an actual car payment and don't want to be part of the repo statistics- we will have to pay for this thing. Which means less shopping trips, but wait oh! There is one place that only costs a couple of dollars and rhymes with larducks. I can at least go there today! :)

Did I mention that when I hit a button the sliding doors open BY THEMSELVES! My sister-in-law Amy has this car and we drove it a lot last week. So I am going to totally copy your trashcan and first aid kit idea. Next time we get together we're going to look like the Mom parade! :)
And a special thank you to my honey. I know that this was hard for you. You have put in three years of searching, investigating, watching numbers. You are so wise with money and this was such a big gift to our family. All three of us really appreciate how hard you work each day so that we can have things like this. I love you.


Julie said...

Woohoo on your mom-mobile! Congrats! Interior pics next please! So glad he went with the black one! Lucky! Haha!

KnitPic said...

And don't forget to mention how Avery thanked her Daddy for the really nice car as you drove it to Best Buy after picking it up from the dealer. How cute is that!

Amanda Carver said...

Oh I am so happy for you all!!!! What great news! Good work Shane! We will come to Christiansburg soon so that we can ride around in your van. And we will put Caroline in the very back so that we will have to struggle to get her in and out a million times..oh wait, that was last week.=)