Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Baby Jackson

Hey Everybody who reads this...
My sister is in the hospital tonight after she fell in her closet. Don't worry she wasn't at a high altitude, just tipsy (from pregnancy- not drinking). Mand has been having contrations pretty regularly and is staying overnight as a precaution. Just getting IV fluids right now. They are pretty sure it will all settle down within the next 24 hours. Please pray that it does. She is 33 weeks so we would all really like Jackson to settle down and stay in there a little longer. Jackson's heart rate is good and he looks great. Will update as I get more information. I just figured out how to text message her voice memos so am having a lot of fun with that! HA! It's her first night away from Maizie so pray she gets some sleep and doesn't even worry about that at all. Nini (my mom) came to the rescue and is already up there. See Mom we do need you!

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