Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Book Club

I was so excited to hear that Beth Moore's new book was out. And the topic is so poignant for modern women. INSECURITY. We live in a culture where we should have designer everything, have perfectly groomed homes, succesful children, and on and on. This perfectionist society is doing nothing but breeding insecure women- of all ages. And I am there right along with everyone else. I went and got the book and have looked up all the info on Beth's (in my world we're best friends and on a first name basis) website (http://www.livingproofministries.blogspotcom/). She's doing it bookclub style on her blog where we can comment on what were reading. Pretty fun to have interaction with the author of the book!

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Katie said...

She is coming to town in April, and I'm going...I went and bought this book just today! I can't wait to get started...insecurity has been one of my biggest battles for EVER. So, so, so looking forward to this! :o)