Tuesday, April 27, 2010

That did NOT just happen...

On the way home from church Shane and I saw a turtle in the middle of the road. Look at that! We exclaimed! Pull over Shane I'm going to move it to the side of the road. Megan, make sure you show the kids, they'll love it! Shane slows down and pulls into driveway. Puts car in reverse to drive back, Megan puts hand on door and starts to open it.... RED JEEP COMES BARRELING DOWN THE ROAD. Yes, you know what happens. SPLAT.... major sadness and depression. SHane and I were legitimately experiencing post traumatic stress disorder. It was horrible. We're pretty sure he aimed as he changed courses near the turtle. Have you ever heard of anything so sad. It was very hard to watch something needlessly be killed in front of your eyes, on your way to save its life. It might sound trivial, but Shane and I can barely talk about it without tearing up. I just want the owner of that red JEEP to know that I have my eye out for you! I would stay far away from the Carvers. The hardest part of the whole thing is that we drove back by the turtle whispering away at each other about how we wanted to egg that guys house and had forgotten that Avery now sits in the middle of the very back seat and can SEE IT ALL! She however was way less disturbed by it than her parents. ha!

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