Sunday, February 27, 2011

Growing up is hard to do... on mommy....

I just watched my little girl grow up a little bit today. Her friend across the street asked her over to jump on the trampoline. Did I mention they were yelling at each other across the street? I'm sure the whole neighborhood heard. But today I walked her to the end of our yard... she looked both ways and crossed the street. BY HERSELF. Timidly of course. My beautifully shy daughter treaded carefully and cautiously. She walked over to the nature path and started down it towards her friends house. ( Don't worry I was standing on the edge of the street watching her the whole time.) Did I mention I started crying? Thank goodness I had sunglasses on and no one could tell that I was having this momentous moment with my firstborn. The first of many times that she's going to walk away from me and into young womanhood. Is it always this hard with the first? On one hand my heart was rejoicing, and even prideful as she took one step in front of another. And on the other hand, a bit of me was heartbroken. She doesn't need me to carry her across the street, or push her in a stroller... she is becoming a girl. Still my girl, but a girl nonetheless. The baby in her is gone. And I'm so proud of her.

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Amanda Carver said...

sweet and heartbreaking...the story of being a mom.