Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Life is Amazing

Tonight I sit at my dining room table next to an incubator. Yes, you heard correctly. Today is hatch day. For a school project to go with our Eggs and Chicks lesson we decided to attempt to hatch some chickens. (yes I've been a city girl most my life, stop gasping) Homeschooling kind of does that to you though. You suddenly find yourself wanting to not just read about it, but do it. So we are.
And right now I see 11 little eggs just waiting for their potential to be realized. The craziness.... I hear chirping. I see these little eggs shaking and can even hear scratching. Not one has hatched yet. I feel like the day my kids were born (not the pain or the love). I'm talking about the anticipation. The awe with life in general. How completely precious and fragile. Because even now I don't know if even one will end up hatched alive. There is still a chance that none will make it. And yet the hope and excitement is still there. Willing these little beings to make it. Praying my kids have something to see in the morning.
Oh the waiting! The hardest part. I didn't think this took that long. But holy cow they take their time. I will probably be up most of the night. Because who can sleep when life is being born. When the miracle is right in front of your eyes.

It's just amazing. The Creator could have come up with a million ways for chickens to hatch. And he came up with this. A shell, a yolk, heat.... LIFE.

If there are chicks... tomorrow there will be pictures. And a new journey begins. As chicken farmers. At least for a couple of weeks ;) ..............

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knitpic said...

Don't keep us in suspense! How many are chirping?

Dena said...

that is pretty stinking cool!