Tuesday, March 27, 2012



So I bought this book over a month ago. And kept finding excuses not to read it. And then I decided that I would read it this week. So last week you would have thought that since I was going to start reading a book about excess that I would start cutting back and even purging. Nope the opposite. I'm an idiot. A slow learner. A sinner.

Instead I bought 4 large frames, birthday gifts (for kids who already have way too much), 6 yards of fabric ( I already have a hundred stockpiled in the basement), two large ferns, 3 milk glass vases from an antique store, 4 hyacinths, and numerous other items I have already forgotten about. Ridiculous.

And of course everything was justified. It was on sale. It was cute. Just what I was looking for. It would hide the wet dog and dirty soccer socks smell in my house. On and on. And two days later it hit me. Totally gross. I was gearing up for the next few months of living with less. I was in full panic mode. I'm an addict. Just like every other red blooded American. I love to get new stuff or new to me old stuff. I like my house to be pretty, my kids to look cute, and to be in style. That last one is questionable actually. But you know what I mean. So today I started returning stuff. I came up with $130 of stuff to take back that was not already opened, eaten, or used. Talk about disgusting. All because of the insecurity of knowing I am going to be convicted. Which meant the Holy Spirit was already convicting.

I am on the third month in the book. And I am ready to get out the garbage bags and fill them up.

She talks about how spending every dollar as if you are helping the needy and furthering the kingdom. A literal "love your neighbor". We shall see. Am I changeable? I think that is my biggest fear. I will read this and not want to change. Not want to see how much I am missing out by giving up and blessing someone else.

I will update when the book is done. And what if any changes have occurred. I know that only God's presence can "fill up" the void that Americans attempt to fill up with consumerism. And I include the majority of the American Christians in this category.

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knitpic said...

Sounds like a great book. I desire to get rid of lots of stuff - I just tire too easily and can't get it done. I am so ready to have less so that I can enjoy what I do have. Anyone have some extra boxes and a teenager to help me clear it out? : )

Lindsay Rich said...

I will have to read that book! Right now I am reading a very similiar book that has really changed me called "Radical" It sounds very similiar to what you are reading. It is amazing! David Platt is the pastor of a church and he talks about how his church decided to get radical and stop living in excess. He actually sold his house and then called up their local foster care agency and asked them how many families they needed and then proceeded to let them know that his church would provide every family they needed. Totally awesome! Way to go Megan! I really need help in this area as well!