Tuesday, October 2, 2012

School Changes...already!

So we are in our fifth week of homeschooling and already there are changes.

 For one thing.... Reece got his own table. He tends to be chatty and want to see and talk to Avery about everything he is doing. So he earned a little corner all to himself with his workbox system and all his little supplies. I even found some cute containers in the dollar bin at Tar*get to organize his stuff. This change has been great. He takes ownership of his stuff, Avery can concentrate and he is getting more done now that he is focused. I would love to find some old school desks for them but we are making this work until (I HOPE) I hit the jackpot in the junk hunting world.

Change two.... I ditched the Apologia Who Is God? and ordered Grapevine's New Testament. This is a much better fit for Reece and we are all going to learn from this study. I will use the Apologia curriculum in a year or two when they are both a little older.

Change three... I added a couple of workbooks from Rod and Staff's curriculum for Avery. I wanted to supplement her science and I also ordered the health and manners book. This is a great fit. Lessons are quick, there is no prep on my part, but there is a lot of meat to each lesson. I also added the ART book from their curriculum for her "fun" drawer in her workbox.

Change four... is actually a not changed yet...unfortunately. Since we are on a cash only budget and we just went to Disney we didn't get around to painting/ redecorating the school room. I am ok with it. I am calling this a lesson in patience and contentment. The plan is to do it in the next couple of weeks and I am excited to finally get it done. But I am also okay with waiting if I need too.

Change five... I made myself a corner in the school room. I have my own bookcase, printer, bulletin board, and things that make me happy. This has helped a lot. The kids are NOT allowed in my corner (also something I did in my public school classroom) and they are not allowed to touch my supplies. (This was becoming a major issue, now everyone has their own).

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Dena said...

it looks fantastic - i've got to find a big chalkboard and redo annie's little table and get all of my craft projects organized!

knitpic said...

Can't wait to see it!

Lindsay Rich said...

Love the way you put Reece in his own corner. I have all 3 mine working at their own desk or table because that is the only way we can keep up with their stuff. Their stuff and books have to stay at their desks. I used to homeschool at a table but this setup has solved so much frustration for us!

Alyssa said...

Oh how I adore your school room....and kinda jealous of it ;0) I so want a seperate room for our "things". We are schooling at the dinner table and while it works, it would be nice to get stuff out of the kitchen.
But I agree with the Reece thing. I can only have one child working at the table at once or it is complete chaos!

julie said...

I haven't mentioned yet (very late) how much I love your nook!! It's so cute and I especially love the cup on your desk!! <3