Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ellie belly

Oh this girl is CRAY CRAY! She is almost always a hot mess. She doesn't care if she has different shoes on, her hair is tangled, dirt on her face, marker all over her arms. She lives life to the fullest. She is energetic and fun. She is really high or really low. And she wears me out! :)
Here she is showing off the 25th piece of gum she stole from my purse.
"Reading" a poetry book while I was organizing Lorelai's new room. Notice no shirt on her? Yep that's totally normal.
Love this little foot up in the air.
Wrote her name completely by herself. Was so PROUD! And she's only three.
Always loving on Lorelai. Which usually means Lorelai is being tortured.
Again, love from Ellie often hurts, ha!
One morning she straight up cried for TWENTY minutes because I wouldn't make her bacon. Trust me after that meltdown I would have wrapped it up in gold if I had some.
Here she is so proud that she got herself dressed. I am impressed that she at least matched!

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