Friday, October 11, 2013

Last Week

Made a roasted chicken for the first time and even used the heat thermometer that I inherited from my grandma. Isn't that bird a beaut? I was so proud. But I have a confession. Shane did all the prep! I opened the bag and started getting light headed and almost threw up. So my knight in shining armor swooped in and prepped the bird. I just walked him through it and he did an awesome job! I am still having a hard time with raw meat (obviously). So once the chicken browned up I took over and was able to cook it. Meaning I checked on it periodically so it didn't burn, ha!
This is my favorite lunch right now.
Flat Bread
Kalamata Olives
Feta Cheese
Pine Nut Hummus
Drizzle Italian Dressing (very lightly)
My new organization set-up for school supplies.
Brought out the Autumn wreath and added the Indian Corn. I still need to add a cute bow but I haven't been to the craft store yet for ribbon.

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Amanda Carver said...

Love the organization thing. Is that Ikea? I had one like that in my last house and miss it. Can you tell Im catching up here?