Monday, November 18, 2013

40 Days of Being Still- Week 1 & 2

You know when you commit to something, especially if that something is in the realm of being closer to God -all crazy breaks loose? Yeah, that.


Being still has been a huge struggle these last two weeks. I started out going strong. I lit my candle, prayed my prayers, read my Bible. I felt less stressed, enjoyed the calmness in my home, and even read THREE books. 

And then week two...

And I realized...

That for the first three weeks of this challenge, Hubs would be traveling. 


And as I let the phone creep back into my hand, the computer migrated back down to the living room, and the t.v. came back on...

I felt it all slip away.

And today I was just frustrated. I wanted to be stronger. To not be the one that caved and gave in. But the loneliness and stress of single parenting won. The t.v. was on a lot today. My phone had to be recharged mid-day. And we all know that there was no such thing as a calm and patient mama. 

But tonight I realized something. It's not about me. It's not about how strong I am. It's not about how good a mom I am. And it's not about how in-depth of a quiet time I have. It'

All I'm supposed to be doing is listening. Waiting for that voice, that nudge, that calm presence to guide me through each moment. 

So tomorrow I am starting over. The phone goes back to the docking station. The computer goes back upstairs. And I am going....

 to just listen. 

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Alyssa said...

I totally understand you Megan. How in just a split second, when you don't even notice, these things can happen. And so so easily, especially when the hubs is away. I have been praying for you and will continue. We all slip up, it's the ones that continue on and get back on the horse that show their faithfulness :)

Kendra Fletcher said...

Hoping you're finding some peace today <3

oakleyses said...
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