Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Too Hot, but loving it.

This is what a week of 98 degree weather looks like.

Reece has such fair skin that I have to put sunscreen through his hair and he ends up with a fro. Avery is just like Shane and is tan after 5 minutes in the sun no matter how much sunscreen I use.


Julie said...

Reece's hair is so funny! Love the pic of the three of you though!!!

LeslieW. said...

It's better than a burnt peeling head that looks like dandruff!

Glad ya'll are having fun in the sun!

Dena said...

yall are soo cute!

Amanda Carver said...

Meg... your mom sent Caroline the most beautiful sweater. I LOVE it. Can you email me her address? I threw away the package on accident. And I cant find your email adress either (hence the comment here=) Thanks hope you all are doing good.