Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Since "retiring" from teaching, I have had to get creative to feed that intellectual stimulation that I crave. I'm not really that smart, but I do crave getting smarter. Anyway, I ordered a couple of books from amazon and they came today. I'm pretty excited. I have been wanting to read, no I should say I have been craving, deeper reading. Something that would take me to a new intellectual level with my relationship with God. I feel like my heart's in the right place, I just want to KNOW more. So I started looking at historical writings. Like Thomas Aquinas, Brother Lawrence, Martin Luther. Just to read something that isn't 8 pages long and rhymes with Poppy the pig ( a good book, but not quite deep).

So my goal this winter is to read some of this stuff and at least satisfy that weird longing to read something that someone wrote hundreds of years ago, in a language barely resembling English. I'll let you know how my intellectual journey goes. It must occur between taking Avery to and from Mops, temper tantrums, and an occasional (but important) trip to Starbucks (shame on you Amy for supporting my habit, but I also desperately thank you for the gift card!) and whatever else I just happen to be doing that day. We'll see if I can stay awake for longer than 3 pages.

All kidding aside though, I think as moms it's so important to keep feeding our creative outlets, whatever that happens to be. I've sewn some dresses, have learned to knit socks, but still craved something a little more challenging mentally.

I apologize ahead of time for deep theological issues and questions and ponderings I may have in the future over this, but bear with me and keep your comments coming.

This entry isn't quite as elegant as I was hoping as Reece is sitting on my lap rearranging my pen drawer (which stresses me out and will now spend half an hour fixing instead of folding laundry). But that pretty much sums up life right now. :)

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Shankoene said...

You might try Dietrich Bonhoeffer and C.S. Lewis too. And when you figure out what they are saying, feel free to give me the Cliffs notes version.