Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's in my blood...

The end result. Blogger is so annoying that I can't get this picture to post at the end of the paragraph. A little anti-climactic!

My great-grandfather, both of my grandfathers, uncle, and dad are all woodworker handymen. Infact, on my list of requirements for a husband this was listed almost as high as being a Christian (kidding, sort-of). So it should be no surprise that when I walked into Goodwill today and saw a REAL WOOD table I got really excited. You know when you saunter over casually, but your heart is pounding and you consider how to knock people out of your way if someone happens to head that direction. Yeah that was me. I figured I would win since I could play the pregnancy card, ha!

I got home and realized that there was no way I was going to paint it.

"Dare I?'

I thought to myself.

"It wouldn't be the proper way."

I reasoned.

"But it would be so quick and MIGHT work."

This reasoning won. So I pulled up my (white) shirtsleeves, grabbed a can of dark walnut stain from the garage, and held my breath. It looks great. Now, I admit I didn't sand, dust, and prepare properly, but it was an 8 dollar table, and I was in no mood to delay the creative juices. I would do the proper technique for a bigger more expensive piece. Now I sit here and can't believe that I have to wait until tomorrow until I can put the cute candlesticks on it that I got for 1.90!

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Chartering New Waters said...

Did you nick the wall with stain? :)

Where are you going to put it? As a nightstand? I can't until tomorrow to see an updated pic with cutsies on it too!

Julie said...

Ooo great job! Dad would be so proud! Well, actually, probably not, seeing as how you skipped the whole "preparing the wood process"! But it looks great! Can't wait to see it in action!

Lindsay Rich said...

it looks great Megan! I love going to Goodwill! the toy box is our living room pictures came from there! I also got overexcited refinished it the "improper way" :-)