Friday, May 14, 2010

Avery Ballerina

Avery and I post recital.

These are Avery's techers.

Fun with Mommy and that gorgeous hair.

Camera doing some weird things.

Is this guy not hot? Still makes my heart pitter patter. He brought his baby girl a bouquet of bright colorful daisies. I love how he loves his kids.

Avery's BFF showed up with flowers. So beyond cute. We didn't know Kaiden was coming to the recital and she gave Avery the prettiest rose for her performance. What a sweetie!

There are never enough kisses to go around for Ellie. She was a trooper while I chaperoned Avery's class. Just slept in the baby bjorn for most of it.

Here are all the girls. There is nothing cuter than 5 year old ballerinas. Avery was up for striking a pose. My shy little sweetheart blossoms when she is in ballet. It has been so great for her socially.

She's growing up. I kept picturing her in high school while watching the older girls perform and it makes me try to savor each of these moments.
AVERY: I am so proud of you honey. You did an awesome job and I so proud of your good behavior and politeness while waiting to perform. I hope that you follow through with ballet and continue to enjoy it as we love watching you learn and dance.

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Julie said...

Those are some wonderful pictures!! Yay Avery! You look beautiful in your ballet outfit! I am sure you did a great job!

I miss those times with Lily! Such a fun experience at that age, dancing her heart out!

knitpic said...

Ok, just thought to check your blog. Been a little busy here. Love, love, love the pics. I am stinkin' proud of our little ballerina! And I do apologize for my tardiness, teacher!